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Lucky Leprechaun Workout

Join us Friday March 15th from 6-7:30pm workout then stay for the after-party! This will be a one-of-a-kind St. Patrick’s Day party…LiveFit style!!! ☘️🏋🏻‍♀️💚💪☘️ To ensure we have a perfectly planned workout AND enough beer, please register before midnight on Wednesday 3/13!!! Online registration only, no early payments accepted on site. $20 entry day of the event. Lucky Leprechaun Workout 2 people (save 50%) $30.00 USD1 person $20.00 USD Client Name(s)? No refunds on completed payments. Registration can be transferred/sold[…]

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31 Protein Shake Recipes!

Just for the sake of a desire to have a baby, was prepared for another drug – Keppra, which I did not know before. In the early days, I suffered a lot from fatigue, fatigue, lack of concentration, weakness, memory problems.

Protein is an essential macronutrient for building lean muscle mass and so there’s no disputing the fact that protein shakes are an important tool for fitness gains and fat loss. Not only does a protein shake meal replacement take only a few minutes to prepare, it keeps you on point with your nutrition while making it easy to avoid unhealthy fast food alternatives for a quick meal. However, blending up the same combination of protein powder, ice and water sure[…]

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EVERY minute counts

If you have been struggling to lose weight or burn that last little bit of fat lately, it typically comes down to one of three common reasons. 1.) You are eating garbage and not staying active enough to burn the excess calories. This one is obvious! 2.) You are working out too much, and not properly refueling your body with enough nutrition and protein to recover. This one is less obvious, but common! 3.) You are eating pretty decent and[…]

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Could you do better?

I wanted to catch you tonight before you went to bed and make sure that you have everything in line to kick-off a new week on the right track. So often I find that people just tell me that they “did good” or they “did bad”, but they don’t identify what they could do better or how they are going to do it. Tonight I want you to ask yourself, if you could pick one or two things that you could[…]

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