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Deliberate & Consistent – Become an overnight success

There is something to be said for consistency, just showing up and most importantly believing in yourself. Today is the start of the transformation challenge for about 260 of my bootcamp and online clients. This, just like New Year’s gives so many people false hope that change is on the way. Do I say that because I believe change is not possible? Not at all, come on, I’m the eternal optimist! I say this because so many people expect change[…]

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Do you fear CHANGE? (overcoming the SUCK)

Do you embrace CHANGE? Sometimes you have to embrace the SUCK and know that what lies ahead is bigger, better and stronger!! But that’s not always easy to see in the beginning. In fact, as humans when something of comfort in our life changes, it instantly causes most people anxiety. (ex. work schedule, new co-workers, faced with a deadline, new gym routine, parenting) Why? Think back to all of your greatest accomplishments in life…they have always come after overcoming adversity.[…]

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How I Dropped 45 Pounds in 6 Months (Kristen’s Transformation)

Transformation Tuesday blog by: Kristen Mitchell My name is Kristen Mitchell and I was asked to write a bit about my my experiences with LiveFit. I am very nervous about writing this but feel like maybe something I say can help to inspire someone else to choose to live a healthy life. Joining LiveFit has definitely changed my life, my body, and my spirit. I have had trouble with my weight my entire adult life. I missed out on a[…]

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Simplify & Conquer YOUR 2018 Weight Loss and Fitness Resolutions

Are you ready for your weight loss or fitness resolution? It’s 3 days into the new year, have you started yet? Sometimes the best laid plans go terribly wrong. It’s at that point when either people give up, or they push harder. This example goes for SO many things in life, especially when it comes to fitness and nutrition. Well the same thing also goes for our attempt of broadcasting our Facebook live seminar last night…. Although we had back[…]

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