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28 Day Nutrition & Accountability Challenge

  “I hate the way I look in a bathing suit. But it’s the end of summer. I’m so busy. We have a vacation coming up, school shopping and so much to do. I don’t have time to workout or start a new program.” Sound like you? If you aren’t one of my clients, then it probably does sound like you! (and let’s be honest, even a few of my clients have fallen off track) The problem is you are OVER[…]

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Here’s where to find me…

Time. It’s something we’ll never get back and some people never seem to have enough of. But technology is everywhere and advancing every single day to make our lives easier and more convenient. Everything from social media, podcasts, vlogs, voice activated electronics and everything in between can be found at your finger tips thanks to cell phones. Your cell phone is now the remote control of your life. TV is dead. You can run your entire life through your cell[…]

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Prove to yourself that you are the STRONG, you are WORTH IT and you can DO THIS!

It’s a mind game. A challenge of toughness. Revealing of grit and perseverance. Test of resilience. A measurement of will power and determination. No, I’m not talking about fitness or transformation challenges or a mud run or even military basic training. I’m talking about LIFE! I’m talking about ALL OF IT. Every day is a test. Every day is a challenge. Every day is a fight. Some of us handle it better than others, and some of you crumble. Which[…]

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Down 24 pounds and 10 inches (Skyler’s Transfomation)

Guest blog by Transformation Tuesday success story Skyler Doughty I started BootCamp in January and what really made me start was that I really wanted to lose weight, but was having trouble sticking to a diet, gym schedule, and I almost got stuck in this cycle of failure. I’d get all motivated, go to the gym and do the same couple of machines with endless cardio and quickly get bored. Or I would work out really good for a couple[…]

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