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Game of SHREDS (Transformation Challenge)

Are YOU Tired of Feeling This Way??? It’s time to take control of your health, prioritize your fitness and hold yourself accountable! I have set up the PERFECT transformation challenge to help YOU do just that. Starting October 2nd, LiveFit will be celebrating it’s 6th year anniversary with the BIGGEST 6 week transformation challenge we’ve ever had! What you need to know… Begins- Monday October 2nd Initial Measurements- Monday 10/2 and Tuesday 10/3 from 6-7am, 8-9am, 5:15-7pm What you get…[…]

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Fix YOUR fitness frustrations

Are you just winging your Fitness? Are you just winging your diet? If so then you are like 90% of Americans struggling day today with making Fitness and Nutrition decisions. Fix YOUR Fitness Frustrations But just like putting together Ikea furniture, you wouldn’t do it without using the instructions with you? Well maybe you would but then you will be left with a bag full of nuts, bolts and gadgets after it was all put together. Does that sound like[…]

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Are you eating enough?

Are you eating enough to burn fat? Have you ever thought about that? Often times I find that people’s initial reaction when they want to lose weight is to eat less. Have you ever added less wood to a fire to make it hotter? I didn’t think so! You have to provide the right fuel, at the right time and continuously keep adding more to keep a fire burning hot. So why would your metabolism be any different? In my[…]

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My addiction (what I’m going through)

So I’ve been struggling with something that I’ve kept internally and only share with a few people that are close to me or if it has happen to come up in a conversation. It’s something I’ve dealt with really hard in the past two weeks, but have been dealing with my entire life the more I think about it. Now you might be thinking this addiction is to drinking, or drugs, or gambling, or smoking but it is probably something[…]

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