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YOU are Worth It! (Melissa Story)

So here it is… This was way harder for me than I imagined it would be. Telling my truth and reliving the moments that lead me here proved to be an emotional process. Thank you for choosing me, it was really unexpected and I’m flattered by all the encouragement! Truth be told…I knew about LiveFit 3 years ago from several co-workers that were boot campers and I was a Facebook stalker for about 2 years before deciding I was done[…]

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December Detox Fat Burning Plan

14 Day December Detox Fat Burning Plan This easy to follow, step-by-step plan will help you shed an extra 5, 7, up to 10 pounds in just 2 weeks.  ==> eat real food focusing on eating healthy fruits & veggies each day ==> eat lean fat burning proteins, hunger crushing snacks ==> hydrate your muscles, organs, skin (less wrinkles), improve your digestion ==> unlimited email support directly w/ Derek ==> program will be emailed to you Sat 12/1 and begin Mon 12/3 This[…]

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Feeling Down On Yourself????

Just for the sake of a desire to have a baby, was prepared for another drug – Keppra, which I did not know before. In the early days, I suffered a lot from fatigue, fatigue, lack of concentration, weakness, memory problems.

It’s about setting realistic expectations for the month of December and not getting down on yourself if you gain a pound or two. After all, progress is progress. If you gained 5 pounds last December, gaining only 4 pounds this year is progress! (^^I’m the eternal optimist) 🙂 Here’s what you need to remember and what you need to forget to have a successful week ahead and finish off 2018 strong SHORT ON TIME? Skip to 4 minutes to hear 3[…]

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Effort + Intensity + Action

Effort + Intensity + Action…when these 3 things are consistently and deliberately in line with your expected outcome, you’ll succeed. But for most people they WANT one thing and they DO another thing, yet they still expect to succeed. Instead focus on realistic outcomes from realistic efforts and keep pushing for the long term result. Start slow, build a foundation and then keep building momentum forward in the right direction by using all night the tools this world provides you.[…]

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