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Find Your Strength- Maria’s Transformation Story

I started at LiveFit in November, on a complete whim. A couple co-workers and I were looking for a workout option, so we decided to ‘try’ Bootcamp. The first few weeks were a doozy, people actually took bets that we would quit after the two week trail (not mentioning any names here). Six months later, here we are. It very quickly became real to me, wanting to push through every workout a little harder, testing my body especially after overcoming[…]

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Game of Shreds Apparel

Game of Shreds Merchandise Pre-Sale Get your G.O.S. t-shirts, tanks, long sleeve t-shirts, gym towels and drawstring gym bags delivered by April 22nd by completing your pre-order by midnight Sunday April 14th. *Each item will be a separate purchase and you will be redirected back to this page after each purchase. Unisex T-Shirt Game of Shreds unisex Gildan t-shirt Small $15.00 USDMedium $15.00 USDLarge $15.00 USDXL $15.00 USDXXL $18.00 USDXXXL $21.00 USDXXXXL $24.00 USD Women’s Tank Top Game of Shreds[…]

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Your Superhero Power vs. Your Kryptonite

I want to talk to you about something today that might not have ever crossed your brain before. You might not realize, but you have a superhero power. You might not believe it, but you do. The other thing that I’ll tell you is you definitely have kryptonite. We all have some things in our lives that we’re really, really good at and then we have some things that break us. Some examples might be somebody who can keep their[…]

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I wanted to come to you this afternoon and talk to you about something that came up in a conversation. It ended up being a great slogan, a great line, and now it’s something that I want to make sure I pass on to you. So if you’ve had a setback, if you have had something that has derailed you from fitness, from life, from whatever it is, the key thing to remember is that your setback is basically the grounds for your[…]

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