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Mom of 3 loses over 4 inches from her belly (Monica’s Transformation Tuesday)

Guest blog post by Transformation Tuesday success story and a hard working mother of 3, Monica Collins: Sorry for the book, but here it is. I was first introduced to boot camp in May 2014. One of my great friends Allison Fowler tried to convince me to give it a try. I wasn’t sure if this was for me. The thought of being judged by those around me and possibly making a fool of myself had me question why in[…]

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Beach Bash #2

Get ready for the 2nd LiveFit Bootcamp Beach Bash! Part Party, part Workout, part Challenges and TONS of teamwork will combine for a memorable morning with a group of the most motivating and inspirational people in your life. This all goes down at 4 p.m. on Saturday September 2nd at Sunwest Mines. Water, Gatorade and fruit will be provided to keep everyone energized and hydrated. Feel free to bring any snacks for yourself or the group. Everything we will be[…]

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Have you taken progress pictures yet?

“A picture is worth a thousand words”…The difference between your frustration and your transformation Have you taken your progress pictures recently? Have you taken them EVER??? How do you know if you’ve had results? We are all our own worst enemy after all, so can you really trust the mirror? Can you trust your scale? The answers are NO and NO. I client text me yesterday saying… “I haven’t taken any pics so far. I know I should have by[…]

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Keeping your fire BURNING HOT! (metabolism basics)

I feel that my job is to simplify things down for you, dilute them to their simplest form, and provide you with the tools to be successful in your weight loss and body transformation journey. You see, most times when I meet someone who has previously struggled with losing weight or sticking to a “diet” it’s because they have created WAY too much deprivation. What you need to understand about your body and your metabolism is that it needs FUEL[…]

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