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Life Changing Transformation | by Will Jahrling

I always told myself if I ever reached 250 pounds I would make an extreme life change. Then one day I stopped at Publix to get a sandwich on my lunch break and for giggles I stepped on the scale….it read 256 pounds! I knew right then and there something had to change. I heard about LiveFit from a guy at work who used to train there and he said if you want to get in shape this is where[…]

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“I feel accomplished by being comfortable in my own skin” Jessica Jameson Mental & Physical Transformation!

Before I started LiveFit I was living a very crazy hectic life in which nutrition and exercise were very far from my mind. I owned 2 separate bars for 10 years and was very much in the bar scene and the lifestyle that goes with it. October of 2016 I made a huge life decision to walk away from that party scene. This was the first year I started focusing on my mental health and working, rewiring all my perceptions and attitudes.[…]

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Are you prepared for the new year?

Have you thought about your goals for 2019 yet? If not, it is not too late. This is the perfect time each year to evaluate the previous 12 months and see what improvements you want to make in your life. Now obviously just because a calendar rolls over to a new year doesn’t mean that suddenly everything in your life is going to fall in to place and you’re going to be successful. Life doesn’t work like that. You need to[…]

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Life is NOT Short, STOP Wasting Opportunities!!!

⚠️RANT⚠️ this is controversial and going to upset some people, but you need to hear this. If you are one of those people that continuously say that “life is short”, you are most likely living with regret and pessimism. ☹️Watch Here ⇒Stop Wasting Opportunities and Living w/ Regret Listen Here ⇒ LiveFit Radio Podcast Life is long. Life is long as hell. You have chances, opportunities, relationships and situations on a daily basis that you can either take advantage of or let pass[…]

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