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My Defining Moment by Melissa Bollinger

Transformation Tuesday blog by Melissa Bollinger I got started because I wasn’t happy with how I looked and felt. My defining moment is my before picture, my step daughters wedding shower Feb 2017.  My first personal victory was fitting into some of my old clothing. My first goal accomplished was losing 40 pounds. My future goal is to lose 40 more pounds. What I would say to other people to motivate them? I would say the same thing that I[…]

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Your Permission To… (life & fitness success)

Today I am giving you permission… Permission to go for it. Permission permission to fail. Permission to work harder. Permission to use your god-given abilities and talents to a higher level. Permission to work towards something you have dreamed about but I’ve always been scared to pursue. Permission to ignore the naysayers. Permission to take a route or do things that others have not done before. Permission to make mistakes and learn from them. Permission to exceed the success of[…]

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White Rice vs Brown Rice (potatoes too!)

Which is Healthier and which is Best for Weight Loss? So you have always heard that brown rice is better than white rice and sweet potatoes are better than white potatoes. While this statement is slightly correct, what if I told you that this could also be one of the biggest things holding back your weight loss success? First let’s start with white potatoes and white rice. Why do they get a bad rap? We have been taught to relate[…]

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Are you ready for tomorrow? (start planning NOW!)

The old expression goes “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail”. No truer words can be said regarding your success in life, business, family, marriage and especially fitness and weight loss. How do the successful ones do it? They have a goal, make a plan, follow the steps and repeat day after day, week after week, month after month. There is no magic workout, supplement, meal, exercise plan or trainer. It’s about YOU! You cannot skip the steps with anything in life[…]

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