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Are you prepared for the new year?

Have you thought about your goals for 2019 yet? If not, it is not too late. This is the perfect time each year to evaluate the previous 12 months and see what improvements you want to make in your life. Now obviously just because a calendar rolls over to a new year doesn’t mean that suddenly everything in your life is going to fall in to place and you’re going to be successful. Life doesn’t work like that. You need to[…]

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Life is NOT Short, STOP Wasting Opportunities!!!

⚠️RANT⚠️ this is controversial and going to upset some people, but you need to hear this. If you are one of those people that continuously say that “life is short”, you are most likely living with regret and pessimism. ☹️Watch Here ⇒Stop Wasting Opportunities and Living w/ Regret Listen Here ⇒ LiveFit Radio Podcast Life is long. Life is long as hell. You have chances, opportunities, relationships and situations on a daily basis that you can either take advantage of or let pass[…]

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If you Don’t Have Time Now, You Won’t Have Time Then

I’m writing to you this morning to warn you and also to help you avoid making a very critical mistake. You see one of the biggest excuses the last two months of the year is “I don’t have enough time”. One of the most common statements I hear in the last two months of the year “I’ll start AFTER the new year”. While these two statements might seem to go hand in hand for you (because you’ve probably said these[…]

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Your priorities are WHACKED

Just for the sake of a desire to have a baby, was prepared for another drug – Keppra, which I did not know before. In the early days, I suffered a lot from fatigue, fatigue, lack of concentration, weakness, memory problems.

 I recommended to you yesterday to start writing a list of possible goals, wins, experiences and what would qualify 2019 as a winning year for you.  You have just over 2 weeks left in the year and this is the best time to start thinking ahead to your wins and losses from this year. Then using those experiences as “wins and lessons” to avoid repeating your mistakes again next year.  There are 3 things that make a goal possible to[…]

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