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My POWERFUL Morning Routine (step-by-step)

Are you stressed, pulled in every direction and going no where fast? In my experience how you start your day is how you live your day. The more structured and scripted my first 2 hours of the day are, the more efficient and less stressed I am throughout the day. It might sound weird but structure builds freedom. Now I’m pretty sure freedom and structure are not synonyms but they are very dependent upon each other. My #1 goal each[…]

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The Power of Your Team (Crista’s Transformation)

Tranformation Tuesday blog by: Crista Pizzola I’ve always had a passion for working out and doing some type of activity; whether it was running 5ks, mud runs, half marathons, or playing any leisure sport. I’m not a ‘scale person’ meaning I’m not one to obsess about the number, as long as I FEEL good … In mid 2014 I hit the highest weight in my life, more than when I was pregnant. I felt horrible all around and I knew[…]

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6 Week Private Training Transformation Sale (limited spots)

Has your transformation hit a stand still? Do you need to be held accountable and told what to do? Are you ready to step up your training? In the next 6 weeks you’ll tighten up your legs, sculpt your booty and tone your arms.  You’ll be pushed, held accountable and get the support you need to be our next transformation success story. Our LiveFit trainers will teach you new exercises and lifting techniques each workout to target your most stubborn[…]

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Get HARD (even after 50)

Transformation Tuesday blog by: Mike Taylor Well to be honest I never thought I would be in the best shape of my life and competing in my first show at the age of 54. I have always lifted weights, and I always thought my diet was pretty good but weighing in at 230lbs, I felt like crap. My goal was to be in good shape to live long enough to enjoy my grandkids. So, with my triglycerides soaring over 900[…]

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