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Do you struggle with Meal Prep?

Overcome the headaches of shopping, tedious recipes and time sucking meal prep! “You are what you eat. If you keep eating doughnuts, you are going to look like a doughnut. You get out what you put in. You cannot out train a bad diet.” You have heard all of these cliche statements before and you know how important nutrition is for your health, energy and body. Yet for some reason healthy eating and meal planning is something that continuously causes[…]

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Do it for YOU! (Ashley’s transformation)

Just for the sake of a desire to have a baby, was prepared for another drug – Keppra, which I did not know before. In the early days, I suffered a lot from fatigue, fatigue, lack of concentration, weakness, memory problems.

So, this has been a long journey for me so far. I started out when SlimFit (before being named LiveFit) was starting and then “fell off the wagon” for a while a long while. I still tried hard to get into shape at home, but I had sooooooo many excuses. Excuses like: it costs too much, I don’t like that kind of food, no one at home supports me, I can’t workout that hard, its too hot out there, I’m[…]

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Frumpy at 50, Sassy at 60! (Mindi’s Transformation)

Transformation Tuesday guest blog by Mindi Marker… A shattered kneecap is what started me on my road to Personal Fitness. After my repair, my doctor said I would probably never regain full mobility in my knee. That hit me like a ton of bricks as I was no spring chicken and had visions of having to use a walker or worse. So I decided that wasn’t going to happen and started doing an online workout at home and going to[…]

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Summer Body Reboot (2 for $88)

Love handles, inner thighs, spare tires, saddlebags and saggy arms, OH MY! Can you believe it, we are already 25% into 2018? Is the thought of bathing suits and warm weather causing anxiety and angst? Are you struggling to stay on track with your nutrition and workouts? Think back just three short months ago about your high hopes, dreams and aspirations for the upcoming year. Have you fallen short? Was one of your goals this year to commit to healthier[…]

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