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Strong Mom, Strong Family

Guest blog post by Transformation Tuesday success April Ames… I lost my dad June 24,2010 to medical conditions related to being overweight. He was 56. I didn’t want my son to loose his mother at a young age. I decided at that time to improve my health. I went on a 6 year roller coaster of diets and workout programs. I would stick to it for a little while, but didn’t see results quick enough or I would get sore[…]

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Enter to Win 6 Months of FREE Bootcamp & Meal Plans

You have 2 chances to win 6 months of FREE Bootcamp!!! Monday July 3rd we will have 2 raffles for 6 months of FREE bootcamp. So, you have 2 ways to WIN! Here’s how… Just enter your name, cell, email and who referred you in the box below. 1.) 1 entry for registering yourself (1 entry per person) 2.) 1 entry for EVERY person that lists you as “Referred by” (UNLIMITED entries)** There is no limit to how many people can list[…]

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How to CRUSH your bullsht and CONQUER your goals

In my life I feel like self-improvement is the most important thing I can do on a routine basis to help maximize the effectiveness on my life and all my friends, family and clients around me. But it doesn’t just end there. There are so many components to self improvement. There’s physical, mental, spiritual, educational and so many other aspects of your life that you can improve. So how do you stay on track with one without pulling the attention[…]

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50, Unfit and AFRAID! (Becky’s Transformation)

F*** is a four letter word! I’m talking about FEAR people! Once upon a time I was fearless. I could talk to anyone, feel comfortable just about anywhere, and was open to trying anything new. From the outside, I still appeared confident enough, but on the inside, I was struggling just to keep it together. Sometimes life can kick the crap out of you until you find yourself afraid of almost everything. That’s exactly where I was fourteen short weeks[…]

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42 Delicious Fat Burning Recipes- Desserts, Dinners, Snacks

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