Today is all about temptation and indulgence…sprinkled in with a little bit of built in restraint!

Sometimes we are craving things that just don’t fit in our day-to-day meal plan.

Should you avoid them and push through?

Should you give in to the temptation and eat it?

Somewhere between those two extremes is a planned and controlled indulgence 1-2x weekly.

But the key is using a self-reflection report card each week which I’ll explain to you in this new podcast!

LISTEN to Podcast ➡ Cheat Meals (helpful or hurtful)???

WATCH on YouTube ➡ Cheat Meals (helpful or hurtful)???

If the concept of cheat meals always gets the best of you, or you seem to always OVER indulge instead of just enjoying regular portion sizes you need to watch or listen to the advice I’m sharing with you today.

In fact I’d say today’s lesson is the difference between successful clients who incorporate a healthy, non restrictive lifestyle compared to the people that are lifetime Yo-Yo dieters.

When you nail this part of your life, it’s game changing!

Committed to your fitness success,

Derek Kuryliw, your fitness Yoda 🙂

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