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LiveFit Radio Podcast

Episode 41: The MOST IMPORTANT Week for your Health & Fitness 💯

Episode 40: Struggling w/ Motivation and Accountability | how to get on track and stay on track

Episode 39: CHOCOLATE or BROCCOLI- surviving the holiday suck

Episode 38: Resolution Solution BUSTER

Episode 37: (WARNING) No one cares until you do…RANT!!!

Episode 36: Living in turbulence times | Dealing With Stress

Episode 35: Win or learn… NEVER LOSE!!! | Proving all cliches wrong is on you

Episode 34: It will never get easier than NOW

Episode 33: Overcome Weekend Weight Gain

Episode 32: Flip your fitness strategy (commitment issues)

Episode 31: 2 things you’re missing… ACCOUNTABILITY & ACCOUNTABILITY

Episode 30:REBOOT & RECHARGE- how to destress and sleep your best

Episode 29: Best time to workout? (1st podcast with the Wifey!)

Episode 28:How to be happier EVERY weekend

Episode 27: Focus on 30 YEARS, not 30 DAYS!

Episode 26: Stop caring what others think! (Gary Vee takeaways)

Episode 25: We needed to talk about OUR RELATIONSHIP!

Episode 23: MOTIVATION MONDAY RANT…please listen or read

Episode 22: Stop F’in Losing! *RANT*

Episode 21: Success starts with Sunday planning 🤔📝🏆


Episode 19: The best CRASH DIET for quick weight loss

Episode 18: Why undereating ALWAYS underperforms

Episode 17:3 ways to “dumb down” your meal plan…

Episode 16: you have been LIED to…

Episode 15: Inspiration Tuesday- Interview w/ 76 Year Old Fitness Freak

Episode 14:**LISTEN NOW** It’ll change your day

Episode 13: My challenge to YOU

Episode 12: Don’t underestimate these 3 things…

Episode 11: Start your Monday off right…

Episode 10: My 5 Ground Rules for CHEAT MEALS!

Episode 9: All about Proteins, Carbs and Fats

Episode 8: Keeping your fire BURNING HOT! (metabolism basics) 

Episode 7: Staying motivated and surviving the suck

Episode 6: Celebrate but dont ANNIHILATE

5 Stages of a Transformation Part 6

Episode 5: Staying motivated and surviving the suck

5 Stages of a Transformation Part 5

Episode 4: Creating safety nets for yourself = ACCOUNTABILITY 

5 Stages of a Transformation Part 4

Episode 3: Do your actions match your goals?

5 Stages of a Transformation Part 3

Episode 2: Are you a boiling frog?

5 Stages of a Transformation Part 2

Episode 1: 5 Stages of a Transformation

Part 1 

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