If I asked you who was your greatest influence in your life, who would you name?

If you had an opportunity to sit on a beautiful park bench to talk for an hour with ANYONE past or present, who would it be?


What I want to share with you today is that the same people you look up to were once likely in the same spot as you are now….

Confused, lost, anxious, lack of direction, no motivation and frustrated.

But what made the person you are thinking of different than you is that they decided to take a big chance, a leap of faith and the courage to be first.

What do I mean by first?

The person you thought of might have been the first to teach you something.

The person you thought of might have been the first to get a certain job, go to college, start a new career.

The person you thought of might have been the first to make healthy family meal and exercise choices.

The person you thought of might have been the first to tell you that they believe in you, even if you didn’t believe in yourself.

The point of my message today is that the only thing separating YOU from the person you want to be, is the courage to do something first.

Actions that lead to more actions, that lead to generations of change.I wrote this message to you today after a conversation with one of my former clients Friday evening….After losing nearly 90 pounds last year, she let some distractions get in her way and wanted to start training again.

The SAD part was that she told me she had not worked out in over 35 days!But the HAPPIEST part was seeing her excitement as she shared how proud she was of her son, her daughter and most importantly her husband who have combined to lose almost as much as she had the previous year.

I explained to her that SHE WAS THE PIONEER of her family.

She was the reason her family is healthier!

She is the one who believed it could be done, even if others didn’t believe in her.

She was the one who was strong and courageous enough a year ago to start making changes first.

So remember that your actions, your courage, your strength to be first is more powerful and long lasting than you will ever realize.

Someone is always watching you, learning from you and getting inspired by you.Don’t take that for granted. Don’t get in your own way.

Focus on your goals, your lasting legacy and your ultimate happiness.

I believe in you!

Committed to your fitness success,

Derek Kuryliw, your fitness Yoda ­čÖé