Way too often I see this same mistake being made by both beginners and advanced clients alike…

Your modifications are hurting your injuries worse!!!

Let me briefly explain, but if you have any injuries of your own I strongly suggest you watch the video below BEFORE you do a single exercise again.

What I am seeing way too often is that someone who is trying to baby, protect or modify an exercise for an injury is that they are actually hurting themselves worse.


Most often it’s because they are limiting the range of motion or using a healthy body part to compensate for that injury, which causes new injuries!

A perfect example in your day-to-day life is everytime you stand up after sitting in a chair. Do you…

A.) rock your arms forward, push on your knees to use momentum to stand? 
B.) reach your arms back and push your hands on the arm rails to stand up?

While you probably have NEVER paid attention to it, there is a HUGE difference between A and B.

The first way is building up your balance, core strength, mind-muscle connection and safely protects your back and knees.

The second way puts your shoulders in a very vunerable while positioning your bodyweight directly over your knees causing addition back and knee pain.

Now think about the fact that you stand and sit close to 100x a day. That’s a lot of unecessary added wear and tear on your body!

So when it comes to exercising and using improper form, now you are adding additional force to a movement making it’s impact even more amplified on your body.

This can be used for good by getting stronger or could be used for bad if you keep repeating these same mistakes.

So are your exercise modifications hurting you instead of helping you?

WATCH THE VIDEO :“Your Workouts Are Unhealthy!”

Here are the five most common modification errors we typically see…

1.) MILITARY PRESS – not going low enough & shrugging shoulders/traps 
2.) PUSHUPS – hand placement too high 
3.) CURLS – not extending to full range of motion 
4.) SQUATS – bending with knees first, hands on knees with a forward lean 
5.) LUNGES – hands on knees with forward lean

If you have other body parts or injuries you’d like to see me make a video about in the future, please reply back and let me know!

Committed to your fitness success,

Derek Kuryliw, your fitness Yoda 🙂