Are you having problems in your life?

Are you avoiding dealing with these problems?

Are you avoiding making choices because you’re anxious of new problems that might arise?

Unfortunately this situation is extremely common and chances are you’re going through something like this in your life right now.

But what I’ve actually learned is that the problems we fear most are often solved a lot easier when handled quicker.

And problems that we delay addressing are actually much more difficult the longer we wait to handle them.



Most of our fears are stuff that we’re making up based on learned behaviors, past events in our life and fake stuff we tell ourselves might happen.

Remember you can’t allow room for growth and improvement in your life, if you don’t make space for it between your two ears. If your thoughts are constantly focused on problems, you’ll never see the opportunities that are right in front of you.

Tomorrow I’ll share a very personal (and slightly embarrassing) body/fitness related problem that I’m going through now, and I bet it’s something you’ve feared happening to yourself.

It’s something I’ve always gotten questions about, but never had experienced myself.

Now that I’m going through it, a gazzillion thoughts and fears are constantly running through my head and clogging up my headspace.

I’ll sort out my thoughts today and share my situation (w/ pics) tomorrow.

Committed to your fitness success,

Derek Kuryliw, your fitness Yoda 🙂

Ugh all right it’s time to share with you my new problem…

To give a little background first, I emailed you on Thursday morning talking about how fear and anxiety of new problems often holds people back from even starting to work towards the goals they want.

One of the biggest scares I hear about is “what if I lose all this weight and have loose skin?”

My answer has always been…

“well that most likely means you are a lot healthier and a lot leaner than you currently are, so we’ll face that problem when it comes up…IF it comes up.”

In my head I never could imagine why someone would hold themselves back from success only to fear one of the side effects of success.

It’s like someone afraid to try for a new job, because they might not know how to do all of the responsibilities of the new job.

Even though along the way at the new job they will be trained and supported when these new problems arise.

Then out of nowhere this week after dieting for the last 4 months for my first bodybuilding show in 5 years, all of this loose skin in my lower belly showed up!

“Whooooa what the heck is this junk?”

So for the last four or five days I have been…

1.) Extremely self-conscious about my stomach and this loose skin

2.) Contemplating if this entire process has been worth it despite of this new problem

3.) Researching how I can eliminate this new problem.

At the end of it all though, I have zero regrets.

I definitely don’t have regrets about getting myself in better shape and losing almost 30 pounds in the last calendar year.

I definitely don’t have regrets about now maintaining a resting heart rate of 47 beats per minute, a blood pressure that is 110 over 55, and every single level on my blood work is perfection.

So I have a little bit of loose skin, who cares?
(Well I do that’s why I’m writing this)

Chances are you care too and that has been something that’s held you back from either getting started to lose weight or pushing hard enough in your journey to lose weight and fear that loose skin might develop as well.

My answer to you is the same as it is to anyone who asks about my hundreds of stretch marks between my hips, armpit area, glutes and all the other places that are spidered throughout my body…


And I am also doing everything I can to help it go away over the next 4 weeks before my competition.

Using things like preparation h on my loose skin areas, drinking much more water on a daily basis, and hydrating my skin with lotion several times per day.

Will it all work? Maybe or maybe not.

Will I have a regrets? Definitely not!

With hard work typically comes results and new problems. Those new problems in your life are a sign that you are progressing and it’s your time to rise up and face a new challenge.

Once you conquer that challenge, it’s not time to stop though.

That’s when you carry that momentum and you keep pushing forward and kick down every door on your way!

The secret to fitness, business, and any type of success I have encountered in my life has always come from hard work and momentum.

I have never had a victory in my life by taking a break.

But I have had setbacks in my life by taking breaks.

DON’T fear success.
DON’T fear new problems.

Keep knocking over one domino at a time and never look back!

Committed to your fitness success,

Derek Kuryliw, your fitness Yoda 🙂