Happy Monday and happy new beginnings to kick off a new week.

Due to the fact that good habits usually slip on the weekends and it’s a day to right your wrongs nutritionally, we have started calling today “Redemption Monday” with quite a few of my private coaching clients over the last few years.

No matter how bad you slipped up last weekend, last week, last month or last year today is the reset button and a chance to start over with better daily habits and rituals.

Here’s a few tips to kick off the week right…

==> Make sure you drink plenty of water today and avoid sugar at all costs to prevent cravings lingering through the week.

==> Knock out 10 squats everytime you go to the bathroom today. Especially if you’re drinking extra water today, you’ll easily get 100+ squats by the end of the day.

==> When you get home this afternoon drop your ‘stuff’ off inside the house, put on your sneakers, hook up your headphones to your phone and go for a long walk. It’ll help calm your brain and get your heart pumping.

==> Catch up on past emails from me, listen to a podcast or watch our YouTube channel to pick up just 1 tip or strategy that you’ll start implementing this week.

LiveFit Radio Podcast ==> https://anchor.fm/livefitradio
LiveFit TV ==> https://www.youtube.com/derekkuryliw

Whether it’s on the streets of your neighborhood or surrounded by hard-working moms at LiveFit, I hope you conquer Redemption Monday!

Committed to your fitness success,

Derek Kuryliw, your fitness Yoda 🙂