Transformation Tuesday Blog by: Alicia Drago

In high school I had such poor muscle strength in my knees that I spent a few months going to physical therapy to correct it.

I was awkwardly clumsy and never athletic.

Joining bootcamp was a big deal for me.

It took a friend and me two years to sign up from the first time we talked about it!

Having my friend as an accountability partner has been one of my biggest motivators. If you can find someone to help motivate you it’ll make your life easier.

In the beginning the scale never seemed to move 🙁

BUT at the same time I went down two pant sizes in about two months!!

It’s not all about the numbers. Feeling good in my own skin is more important!

I’ve struggled all my adult life with quitting sugary drinks. If you have the same problem my best advice is it’s okay to fall off the wagon as long as you know how to get back on.

Moderation is key and finding a healthy alternative is better than quitting cold turkey.

For me pineapple infused water replaces soda while mocha flavored protein shakes over ice make a great coffee alternative.

If you can plan your drinks with your meal prep it makes it easier too.

If you run out of them while you’re out of the house then chances are you’re going to cheat when you realize most times water costs more than soda on the go.

My advice to you…

For me I’m always taking care of everyone else first especially with two small kids and a husband with Multiple Sclerosis.

You can’t continue to take care of everyone else if you never take care of yourself though.

Bootcamp is the perfect way to relieve stress and start a healthy routine.

It’s beneficial to you and your family when you’re happy and healthy.