Guest blog by Transformation Tuesday success story Skyler Doughty

I started BootCamp in January and what really made me start was that I really wanted to lose weight, but was having trouble sticking to a diet, gym schedule, and I almost got stuck in this cycle of failure.

I’d get all motivated, go to the gym and do the same couple of machines with endless cardio and quickly get bored.

Or I would work out really good for a couple of days and get sore and never want to revisit the gym for a couple of day. This would turn into a week, then turned into a month and so on.

I was getting nowhere and decided I needed something different. I wanted something fun, something that would keep me accountable.

I had heard of Derek’s bootcamp from when he first started, but never considered joining because I was already so active from sports in high school. I had seen friends of mine from high school getting great results with bootcamps and crossfit gyms, so I thought I’d look into the very first bootcamp I had heard of.

When I found LiveFit, I just had a really good feeling about it. The vibe was very welcoming and not as intimidating as I anticipated.

I feared that I would fall into the same cycle of failure but this time I was so determined, I wasn’t letting anyone stop me.

My first personal victory was when coworkers and customers of mine started noticing my progress and changes. This was great because I hadn’t told many people about it because I wanted to see if this bootcamp would make a difference!

Some goals that I have accomplished are “having” to buy new clothes.

I lost a total of 24 lbs and 10 inches!

My initial goal was 20 lbs by May. I wasn’t too far off but once I started seeing a difference in the way I looked, the scale didn’t matter to me.

I was gaining muscle and leaning out…which is what I wanted!

My future goals consist of pushing myself to lose another 20 lbs making it 40lb total and just chiseling away a little at a time.

At this point the scale doesn’t matter to me. I have an image of the way I want to look and I keep working on that.

I would tell someone just starting to not be overwhelmed. The first week is the hardest.

If you can get past that and continue, you’ll be on a roll.

It definitely does not happen overnight and there is a lot of sweat and sore muscles, but you’re surrounded by people going through the same exact thing. I’ve made new friends that I look forward to seeing everyday.

Lastly, Thank you Derek and all of the trainers. You guys have truly made a difference in my life.

Thank you for pushing me and helping me with any questions I have. I’m so glad you guys do what you do!


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