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Melissa’s Transformation Story

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Melissa’s Transformation Story

Guest blog by Transformation Tuesday success story Melissa Saddler:

I have always thought about losing weight for a long time.

Nothing moved me until I became short of breath, on a regular basis.

Walking 20 feet to my car or walking up the stairs at work having to take several minutes to catch my breath before talking to someone.

I have always been self conscious about my weight and looks.

I’ve always thought people look at my size and judge me.

I joined Derek’s bootcamp and had the same fears; worrying what people would say or laugh at me trying to do a workout.

At Derek’s boot camp those fears went away after a week!

I did what I could and no one judged me, they only pushed and encouraged me.

I began this journey at the beginning of the 28 Day Ab Burn. when I saw my name as one of the top “losers” I was even more motivated.

As my clothes began to get big on me I began to buy a size smaller of something and set goals to be able to wear it at a certain time.

The encouragement from everyone is amazing and motivating.

Rich: you’re a counter, “How many reps so far Melissa?!”

Roland0 : #teamnoquit

Kirsten: always encouraging, making sure I’m good and and checking on my form throughout the workout.

Derek: “Good job, give me 2 more, 3 more, keep moving!!”

Derek and his staff have been a blessing.

“Keep trying, don’t give up, press on, good job”are just a few of encouraging words given.

Those would be the same words I would say to anyone new joining bootcamp.

Most of all try it, you won’t be sorry!


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