There’s a beauty to being a beginner at something.

If you struggle with “being the worst” or “don’t know what to do” then this video is for you!!!

Going from 0 pushups to doing your 1st is huge!

Going from 0 situps to doing your 1st is huge!

WATCH THE VIDEO  “Beauty of Being a Beginner”

There are so many benchmarks and milestones to celebrate when you are new. Those benchmarks and milestones get harder and harder to achieve and celebrate the longer you work towards something.

Someone who can do 50 push-ups is not celebrating when they get to 51 push-ups, I promise you that!

Someone who has lost 10 pounds is not celebrating their 11th pound lost, I promise you that!

So in the beginning learn to have fun and appreciate the journey. Stack up the wins and build momentum.

This is what provides your foundation and confidence to keep pushing forward when the new wears off.

Motivation gets you started, momentum keeps you going!

Committed to your fitness success,

Derek Kuryliw, your fitness Yoda 🙂