I wanted to come to you this afternoon and talk to you about something that came up in a conversation. It ended up being a great slogan, a great line, and now it’s something that I want to make sure I pass on to you.

So if you’ve had a setback, if you have had something that has derailed you from fitness, from life, from whatever it is, the key thing to remember is that your setback is basically the grounds for your comeback.

So while we’ve all had a setback, we’ve all had things happen in our lives, we’ve all had different failures, if you want to call it that. We always have still lived on, carried on, moved on, and we succeed.

One of the examples I’ll give and maybe not everybody’s on the same level of parenting, but when it comes to parenting, if you mess up you can’t just give up your kid.

You have to try again the next time, you have to try again the next day, and eventually, in 18 years, 20 years, you’ll find out if you did a good job and if you did well raising your kid.

But for some reason with fitness, we mess up once and we’re like, “Yeah, it didn’t work for me.”

Or we blow it on a diet and we’re like, “Yeah, I can’t stick to that.

What if you actually committed 18 years to it just like a kid?

What if you actually dedicated the same amount of time and commitment as you do to your job, to your marriage, to your work, whatever you’re doing in your life that you’re successful at?

It’s the same exact steps for the things that you’re unsuccessful at now.

The problem is, is like when we’re not good at something we give ourself a short little window and short little fuse before we decide to give up.

So if you’ve been having a setback, whether that’s not eating well, not exercising, not having motivation to exercise, it just starts with a day.

It starts with one moment, one time, one decision to just go.

The key thing is the next day you have to do it again and again and again.

It’s not going to be easy, but as you get going it gets easier and easier.

I think one of the things that we forget about is how powerful momentum is.

You can’t push that boulder on your own, but if you can get that boulder rolling, you can start pushing it as it’s going. Obviously, it’s going to be a whole lot easier.

So use that.

Your setbacks can become your comeback.

You might not have always been a good parent.

You might not even be now, but you still keep trying every single day.

That’s because you’re glued and locked and committed to that kid for its entire life.

Think of the same thing, it’s your body that you’re living with for 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 years.

Make the same commitment to yourself, you can’t give up.

If you’re having a setback, if you’re having any down moments, it’s time for the comeback.

All you got to do is it starts with one action, one decision.

So, happy hump day, it’s Wednesday, change things today. Don’t wait another day, don’t wait until next Monday.

Today’s your day.

Go get it.

Committed to your fitness success,