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Dawn’s Transformation Tuesday Journey

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Dawn’s Transformation Tuesday Journey

Transformation Tuesday blog by: Dawn Stolz

For me, I have done different things to try and get myself jump started to being healthier and happier.

The only thing that changed, I was happy during that moment. Eating better, never got better. Exercising daily, didn’t happen.

It wasn’t until I saw Crystal Merkle-Wallace’s transformation.(For Crystals’s story:  https://derekkuryliw.com/mother-of-3-finds-huge-success-dont-just-get-fit-live-fit/)

She and I played soccer together. I had asked her, what she was doing, and she said she was going to LiveFit bootcamp. I looked at it, and talked with my husband and he wouldn’t do it.

Then Rich and Dawn Scilex started going. I had talked with them and had Rich talk with Jim. Once he saw how Rich  lost 60 pounds, I said we should try it. What do we have to lose?

A few months went by and nothing else was said.

I had talked with Missy Deschaine ( For Missy’s story: https://derekkuryliw.com/missy-gets-it-done/ ) and saw Alex and Andrea Ciciretti were going.

I then called my sister in law Shirley,  and asked her if she wanted to do it? She wasn’t sure. I knew I wanted to do it. ( For Shirley’s story: https://derekkuryliw.com/shirleys-transformation-story/)

The thought of “bootcamp” brought me back to the movie GI Jane. I thought, they will break me, but I do not have to go back.

So, we went. The three of us. I ended up doing doubles because my husband wanted someone to go with him and so did Shirley. I did ask them to go, so that is the least I can do, right?


Whatever you do, do not start on a Wednesday!! It is Weight Wednesday! That was our first mistake. But we came back. We kept going back.

We got addicted. Its a good addiction. Once you get hooked and through the rough spots, it is all down hill from there.

I am not a “gym” person. I love that the workouts are different. They can be easy or challenging. I love a good challenge!

My hardest problem is being consistent with my eating habits. Getting to bootcamp  can be a challenge depending on my schedule with the kids, sports, and school activities.

I am thankful that I asked Crystal  and talked with Dawn and Rich!

I am thankful for the LiveFit  family,  as they are all supportive! Everyone is willing to help out and encourage you when you do not feel like going anymore.

I am almost where I want to be, but my biggest accomplishment will come when I run my first half marathon with my friend Dana. 🙂






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