Looking back to New Year’s 2020 I’m sure you thought by the time July rolled around and you would be in better shape physically, stronger mentally and more secure financially…

Well, then things changed.So how are you doing?

Are you further along or are you starting back even further away from your goals?

As I’ve answered questions on this topic over the past couple of days I have found myself offering very similar feedback: start back simple.

What does that mean?

Let’s break it down!Do you remember back to when you first started exercising or first started eating more healthily?

Chances are you did very little in the beginning compared to what you eventually ended up doing on a daily basis, yet you still saw continuous progress.As you became more physically fit and knowledgeable regarding nutrition, you probably started eating much better, exercising harder and more often.

So what’s the point?You are a beginner again!

Stop trying to compete with the advanced version of yourself, if you are currently not at that level.

Remember that it’s always easier to climb the mountain in the beginning then it is to get to the Apex.

The difficulty curve increases the more advanced we become.

The problem with most people is they remember where they left off, not where they started.So whenever there is a sticking point or you fall off track, you do not know where to begin or pick up where you left off.

So what I’m asking today is to become a beginner again.What advice would the experienced you give to the beginner you if you were brand new at fitness and you needed advice?

Chances are it would look a little bit like…
1.) Move and stretch daily 
2.) Exercise or lift weights 3 or 4 days weekly 
3.) Eat less sugar and fried food 
4.) Stay hydrated 
5.) Eat more protein, vegetables and fruitThat’s it most likely.

That’s all you need in the beginning to get started and to see consistent success.

➡️ Notice I didn’t reference how many calories you need to consume or burn each day.
➡️ Notice I didn’t say what heart rate you needed to maintain during exercise.
➡️ Notice I didn’t say exactly how many ounces of water, grams of protein or pieces of fruit to eat.

If your goal is to live fit, then all you need to do is progress a little bit each day, each week and each year.

If your goal is to live fit, then all you need to do is a whole promises to yourself to always start back over when you fall off track.If your goal is to live fit, then you need to forgive and stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Thinking isn’t going to get you in better shape, and neither is complaining.Commitment and self-love will get you there.

After all exercise and eating healthily should be a reward to your body, not a punishment.

If you constantly think but you need to punish or deprive yourself, your body will not reward you.Regroup, refocus and recommit this upcoming week to improving yourself a little bit more each day and each week.

Committed to your fitness success,
Derek Kuryliw, your fitness Yoda 🙂