It’s amazing what happens when you hear someone talking about what they want to accomplish…

…and then you hear their excuses about not having enough time, money or ‘the gym is just too far away’

…and then you see their Facebook and IG account of them getting their nails done, adding another lift to their jeep, buying a Starbucks latte and at a kids sporting event a half hour away for hours multiple times each week.

Where your attention goes, your energy flow!

Well the same holds true for your bank account and your schedule. Show me your bank account and your calendar, and it’ll show you where your priorities are!

So what’s my point?

Don’t tell me you care about achieving something when the 2 things you “VOTE” with in your life is your time and your money, and NEITHER is in line with your goals.

But instead of taking this email as a negative thing, maybe it’s time for positive changes and time for you to AUDIT your checking account and calendar to allow more money and time for the things you want most in life.

At LiveFit our plans are pretty straight forward: it’s either $3, $4 or $5 a day for the most complete transformation plans we offer, yet the same people with their fancy nails, bougee coffees and lifted jeeps claim they cannot ‘afford to get in shape right now’.

What you really need to do is start adding up every $ that you spend on food and activities that make you UNHEALTHY, and then add up every $ that you spend to make you HEALTHY or HAPPY.

If they don’t fall into one of those 2 categories (healthy or happy), it might be time to cut it out of your life for a while or forever.

What you might notice is that you not only have time for adding exercise into your life, but cutting out your unhealthy meals and coffees will allow for a new budget to buy new clothes for your new body!

As the holidays approach, budgets and schedules get tighter. So I’ll leave you with the same question I opened with, “do you even care anymore?”

Committed to your fitness success,

Derek Kuryliw, your fitness Yoda 🙂