Too often we put worry on a pedestal and have a way of blocking out all previously aquired confidence. We ask ourselves…

“what if it doesn’t work?”

“what if I get busy?”

“what if I can’t do it?”

Instead we really need to start reframing the ‘what if’ questions in our favor. You need to start asking yourself questions like…

“what if this works, how would my life change?”

“what if I get get busy, how would I overcome this?”

“what if this is too hard, what are my other options?”

The difference between the 2 sets of questions is that the first set of questions leads you to negative, dead-end responses.

The second set of questions leads you to curiosity and problem-solving.

BIG DIFFERENCE between the two sets of questions, yet the default response from most people when faced with challenges INSTANTLY leans towards negativity.

Change is hard, but not when you’re prepared.

Obstacles will happen, treat them like hurdles instead of walls.

Catapult your way trough these hurdles and all of the sudden you’ll find yourself in rare company with others who have also catapulted over the same hurdles.

Everytime you overcome an obstacle you become more skilled, resilient and prepared to overcome the same challenge the next time around.

See that’s where people are mistaken, they think once they pass one challenge that everything will get easier for them. WRONG. The challenges only get more difficult the more successful you become.

It’s easy to lose the first 10 pounds, it’s the next 10 that’s the hardest, and then the next 10 pounds and so on….

Each level of ‘the game’ gets more challenging and that’s why there are so few people at the highest levels of fitness, business, etc…

This is why people who are broke that win the lottery end up broke again within 5 years. It’s because they’ve never learned the skills and strategies to overcome them.

The same holds true with contestants on The Biggest Loser. The rebound/failure percentage is ridiculously high. We aren’t talking about just 10 pounds either, we are talking about 100-200 pounds most of these people are GAINING back. Sometimes within the first 12 months!!!

It’s because they’ve never learned the skills and strategies to overcome them.

How do you develop these skills? By going through the struggles!

You have to put in the work to learn the skills just like any job, relationship or anything you’re successful in doing.

The good news is that you can also speed up this process by being prepared in advance by asking yourself the right ‘what if’ questions. You know your schedule and you know your weaknesses, why not be prepared for them?

The other good news is that you are not always going to know the right answers, even if you ask yourself the right ‘what if’ questions. That is where I come to the rescue!

You can always text me, anytime, to get help and input.

I get the most random texts from the most random people daily, and I’m happy to help everyone. It’s what I’m good at and sometimes the answers are so simple, but you just do not know it yet!

So moral of the story:

1.) be prepared for the obstacles you know are coming
2.) when in doubt ask questions

Start developing the skills to catapult you to the next level of success and never look back!

Committed to your fitness success,

Derek Kuryliw, your fitness Yoda 🙂