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The Science of Lifting Workshop

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The Science of Lifting Workshop


Limited to 8 spots each- 
Wed 8/8 @ 7:30pm and Sat 8/11 @ 9:30am. $15 per person, 60-90 minutes.

The ‘Science’ of Lifting Workshop

 small group instruction (5 trainers, 8 clients)
 learn proper weight lifting form & safety
 technique coaching on multiple forms of squats and deadlifts, bench press (dumbbell and barbell), curling and pressing
 adapt personalized lifting cues and modifiers that work best for your body
 take your fitness knowledge with you anywhere in the world (gym or hotel gym)
 Lift smarter. Lift heavier. Look better, duh!

First come first served. When all spots are filled the registration page will be taken down!

**these 2 days are not available for any current PT clients. I will be reaching out to each of you individually to set up a private group just for you! Thank you for being loyal clients 🏋️‍♂️💚💪 #LiftLoveLive


Register for 10 weeks of PT and save 25% off the current rates and get FREE entry into the Science of Lifting Workshop!


  • Custom Workout Program Development
  • Accountability Texts from your Trainer
  • 10 days to make up missed sessions (only 2 makeup workouts per month)
  • 2-5 Training Sessions each Week
  • Body part and goal specific workouts
  • Direct personal instruction on form, technique and safety
  • Unique workouts everytime with new exercises, intensity methods and rep schemes to keep you guessing and continue making progress!

Sessions begin the week of August 6th. You will be contacted by a trainer to arrange the best schedule that works for you.

This is our yearly Black Friday PT special and you won’t see this offer again until then…

Science of Lifting Workshop
Client Name

This plan DOES NOT auto-renew. No Contracts, No Commitments. YOUR Success is OUR Success!

*Sessions rendered weekly, missed sessions can be made up within 10 days only. No refunds, no credits for unused sessions. No refunds on ANY completed payments.

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