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Simplify & Conquer YOUR 2018 Weight Loss and Fitness Resolutions

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Simplify & Conquer YOUR 2018 Weight Loss and Fitness Resolutions

Are you ready for your weight loss or fitness resolution? It’s 3 days into the new year, have you started yet?

Sometimes the best laid plans go terribly wrong.

It’s at that point when either people give up, or they push harder.

This example goes for SO many things in life, especially when it comes to fitness and nutrition.

Well the same thing also goes for our attempt of broadcasting our Facebook live seminar last night….

Although we had back up cameras, extra microphones, notes written out and everything was at full power our live feed crashed 3 times in a row!

Instead of panicking, we laughed it out and figured out a new direction to get to our same destination.

So instead of going live on Facebook, we ended up pre-recording this video for you last night and I have added a “table of contents” below for easier reference to the section you’re looking to find.

Simplify & Conquer YOUR 2018 Weight Loss and Fitness Resolutions

Here is what you’ll learn…

0:00- Announcement of 2017 Top Transformations of the Year

1:00- Clients choice for what topics will help you most in 2018

1:30- Winner of 1 month of FREE bootcamp

2:00- The history of resolutions (and maybe an “F” bomb dropped)

2:20- #1 goal of 2018 for YOU

3:15- Where people struggle most with reaching their goals

3:45- What you need to focus on most

4:15- The “Better Donut” story to lose over 100 pounds

5:00- The “8×8” 100 pound solution

5:50- Learn the “4 Steps to Transformation” process

6:40- Why most Husband and Wife teams fail at fitness goals

7:30- The most important things to focus on during your transformation

8:15- How long your fat burning workouts should last

9:00 Best way to target love handles, saddle bags and belly flab

10:00- Nutrition gameplan to start TODAY

11:30- Best mid morning snack to boost energy

12:00- Perfect dinner options for fat burning

12:30- Where to start first…path of least resistance

13:00- 3 nutritional strategies to get on track and stay on track

14:30- Final thoughts and action steps to start

Don’t overthink your strategies and action steps, no matter which you choose. Because as I explained above and in the video, the path you start on will most likely not be the same path you finish on your fitness journey.

Just like our video above the most important thing you can do in fitness is to be prepared, roll with the punches and when the road is blocked, find a new way!

The only way you fail at this ‘fitness thing’ is if you quit.

Because otherwise, every action you take moves you one step closer to your goals whether you see the immediate effects or not. 

Only if you choose to do nothing do you actually go backwards in your path to better health.

So pick your poison, change the simplest things first and never give up!

Committed to your fitness success,

Derek Kuryliw, Your Fitness Yoda 🙂

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