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Incredible Fitness Inspiration

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Incredible Fitness Inspiration

Sharon Smith is one of our most consistent clients. She is a prime example of hard work, dedication and consistency.

At the young age of 70, she has lost almost 170 pounds in the last 6 years working together!

I recently interviewed her and another fellow 70+ fitness inspiration Art Faschan, where she shares her greatest fears and her struggles throughout her journey.

Take a look ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇

You are never to old, to start your fitness journey!

Don’t have time to watch the entire 9 minute interview? Here’s a quick snapshot of highlights so you can skip ahead….

What made you want to start your journey?

( 1:30 ) I was looking in the yellow pages and there was two numbers, Weight Watchers & SlimFit. I had already done the Weight Watchers before, so I called you. I had all these questions and you answered every one of my questions.

We worked together for a few months then you had messaged me around April and said you were starting a bootcamp.

Because of the connection I had made with you, I was willing to take the chance.

What were some challenges you had when first starting bootcamp?

(2:45) So many things I could not do. I could not get down or up off the ground. One day we spent time just me and you getting up and down from the ground.

To this day, I am still slow from getting off the ground, but I can do it!

What were the 2 scariest things when starting?

(4:10) Fear and mental. Fear of not getting on the ground or getting over the hurtles in the backyard bootcamp.

Once you got on the ground for the first time, where you more confident that you would be back to do it on your own?

(4:21) No, I was still in doubt that I could do it on my own. Because I hadn’t been on the ground in so long.

What was the #1 fear when starting out?

(5:15) Every meal is a choice, what to eat, what not to eat.

6 years and 150 pounds later, its still hard!

What is one major thing you’ve changed?

(7:12) When I first started, my diet had to start on a Monday. If I ate bad on a Monday afternoon, I would wait all the way until the following Monday to get back on track.

I learned through the years that’s not how it works and I no longer do that.

You just faced your biggest setback at 69 years old, what was it?

(8:00) Taking 6 weeks off from bootcamp. After surgery, the doctor told me I had to wait 6 full weeks before returning to bootcamp.

I was allowed to do very minimal activity, so I would still come into bootcamp every day and do my own thing until I was allowed to return.

Do you like recognition about your journey?

(8:34) NO! I’ve never been the type to toot my own horn. Even as a teacher, when I did something well and they wanted me to share it with the staff, I would say no. I’ve just always been that way.

Don’t miss the after interview conversation…

Make sure you watch until 9:40 where I ask Sharon to ask Art a question, his answer is the best answer to instantly make you look younger!

Plus the truth on the many arguments that Sharon and I have had throughout her transformation.

I hope you enjoy this interview with the 3 of us.

It was a privilege to have them together and learn from their success.

My biggest personal take away from this conversation is CONSISTENCY is #1.

Without consistency, neither of these 2 would have even come remotely close to the results they’ve each had.

So don’t just watch this interview to smile and feel happy for them. Think about what you can start doing consistently today, tomorrow and the rest of your life so that you can also have success.

Just pick one thing and do it. Like right now as soon as you’re done reading this.

It’s that easy to get started. Stop making excuses and start taking action!

Committed to your fitness success,

Derek Kuryliw, your fitness Yoda 🙂

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