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Do you struggle with Meal Prep?

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Do you struggle with Meal Prep?

Overcome the headaches of shopping, tedious recipes and time sucking meal prep!

“You are what you eat.

If you keep eating doughnuts, you are going to look like a doughnut.

You get out what you put in.

You cannot out train a bad diet.”

You have heard all of these cliche statements before and you know how important nutrition is for your health, energy and body.

Yet for some reason healthy eating and meal planning is something that continuously causes struggles and frustrations.

It’s overwhelming, time-consuming, tedious, boring and mundane.

Are these your reasons for not meal planning?

Do you feel lost and confused with no idea where to start?

You Are Not Alone!

The biggest and most common problem I see is people make meal prep a more difficult task than it truly is. Anything you do is better than nothing.

Do not have the right type of Tupperware?

Throw it in a plastic bag, put tin foil over a plate, figure it out and don’t make excuses… Just do something.

Do not know what portions to make?

Just packing your meal is enough to keep you on track and deviate from poor eating choices the next day. Focus on consistently packing your meals first, tracking your progress and then you can make portion adjustments as you go.

Remember you don’t need a perfect plan to get started. You just need to get started.

Do not know the healthiest type of rice, potato, meat or _______?

Again stop overthinking it! Even if you do not know the most healthy foods to eat, common sense should help you make the better of two choices whenever preparing your dinner or lunches. No one is ever going to confuse Fried Chicken being healthier than grilled chicken.

Confused at the grocery store of which marinade, side dish, vegetable or snack options to buy?

Pretty sure this one goes back to the overthinking it suggestion above 🙂

When in doubt, pick up two or three options and compare the nutrition label…

Always choose the option with less sugar, less saturated fat and less ingredients.

Still not sure, just pick one and move on to the rest of your shopping list!


Are you over thinking it?

What if you just started to make a bigger portion of your dinner each night, then pack a tupperware at the same time as you put food on your plate.

The most important step in meal prep…

The bottom line is you just have to do something. Anything.

Once you get started with packing your meals and bringing them with you for lunch each day you’ll see where you are making mistakes and course correct from there.

The other thing you’ll notice is that you STOP making as many impulse purchases on foods that are not in line with your goals.

This will also help fatten your wallet and thin your waistline!

Every little bit makes a difference. Every healthier meal eaten AND every non healthy meal not eaten moves you one step closer.

That’s the goal right? To make continuous progress.


So now it’s time to put one foot forward and get started with your healthier lifestyle.

It doesn’t take much effort but it does take a little bit of planning.

If you need help, Michelle and I are spending the next 2 months completely dedicated to helping you with simplifying your meal planning 🙂

You’ll be seeing more emails, Facebook posts and blog posts dedicated specifically to helping you plan, shop and meal prep…WITH LESS STRESS!!!

I’m so excited to share this with you and I’ll be sharing more details throughout the month of February!

Together with my wife Michelle and I, we will be coaching a small group of clients to help them Simplify & Master YOUR Meal Prep.

Each week we will be providing you with…

  • COACHING- weekly video tutorials with us in the kitchen to explain the upcoming week’s meals
  • SIMPLIFY- Multiple easy-to-cook meals using only 2 protein sources each week
  • VARIETY- learn multiple recipes using similar ingredients to avoid boredom
  • LESS STRESS- A healthy crock-pot meal for your busiest day(s) of the week
  • KICK THE HABIT- Keep It Simple Snacks to take on-the-go or to help replace your nightly food vice
  • SUPPORT & FOLLOW THROUGH- access to our private LVFT coaching group for extra help and accountability


===> We want to help anyone who is frustrated, confused and lost when it comes to grocery shopping, meal planning, cooking and preparing your weekly meals.

===> We want to show you that eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.

===> We want to help you learn how to turn 1 meal into 3, 4 and even 5 different meals…just like mom and grandma used to!

===> We also want to make this EXTREMELY affordable so that everyone could participate in this one of a kind program.

===> So we are making this 4 week private coaching group available for just $49!

Early Registration Special

-287Days -12Hours -15Minutes -15Seconds

(deal ends 3/2 @ midnight)

EARLY BONUS #1- printed copy of the ENTIRE program, recipes and notes

You’ll be able to repeat this month long meal plan year-round to take control of you and your family’s health!

EARLY BONUS #2- access to our private meal plan library

Includes our most popular transformation challenge plans: 21 Day Flab to Abs, Game of Shreds, The Resolution Solution and more!

EARLY BONUS #3-  guaranteed Mission 100 appointment with Derek

Didn’t claim your spot quick enough? We’ll skip you to the front of the line to ensure you have a complete gameplan personalized for you.

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