listened to something really important last night that I wanted to share with you first thing this morning. It’s also a perfect topic for a Monday morning since so many look at it as a “fresh start” each week.

They say that the difference between someone with self-confidence and someone without self-confidence is the amount of times that you have kept or broken promises to yourself.

Think about that…

The way in which you approach the world is in direct correlation to the way your brain views YOU!

So no matter ‘how it looks’ to other people on social media or how much you want to make an excuse for something, your self-confidence is keeping score.

They say that the definition of character is the culmination of the things you do when NO ONE is watching. It’s because YOU are always watching.

You are keeping score. You know when you lie. You know when you thrive.

So how do you build up your self-confidence to a level that it starts to become your super power in times of need? By keeping promises to yourself!

Start with the small things and smaller personal agreements like:

1.) I will prepare my work clothes for the next day before dinner 
2.) I will do 10 squats every time I brush my teeth 
3.) I will go for a 10 minute walk every night after dinner 
4.) I will drink 20 ounces of water before drinking my second cup of coffee 
5.) I will not eat any carbs or sugar after 6pm

These are all just random examples and your list might look completely different, but the key is to make an agreement with yourself and keep it.

Building your self-confidence is going to help you with your personal life, professional life, parenting, relationships and your health. Why put something this important on the back burner?

Start making promises with yourself (and keeping them) to see your confidence rise and the way your approach life change. You got this!

Committed to your fitness success,

Derek Kuryliw, your fitness Yoda đŸ™‚