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Bootcamp Packages

Bootcamp Packages

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At LiveFit we not only have a program to achieve your goals, but we also have pricing options to work with every type of budget.

On the page below you’ll find our bootcamp registration options. First you’ll find our pay as you go plans, next you’ll find our transformation plans, then you’ll find our yearly transformation plan with a reduced rate 4 quarterly payments option and finally at the bottom of the page you’ll find our group/couples rates.

Please look through the different options and if you have any questions you can text Derek 727-810-4005. If you have any questions with your existing plan or need to cancel your old plan, please text Michelle Kuryliw 727-267-1117 for any questions or help.

**ONLINE REGISTRATION ONLY. No Payments Accepted on site. No Contract, Cancel Anytime prior to your next payment (exlcuding the 12 month plan with quarterly installments). No refunds offered once payment clears. We stand behind our results 100%. Your success is our success!**

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No Contract-Pay As You Go Plans

All Basic Bootcamp Plans Include-

  • 14 day meal plan,
  • free entry into all transformation challenges (includes pre/post measurements),
  • free monthly nutrition seminar,
  • bring a guest FREE to any workouts on Fridays

*With any of the 3 plans below you can suspend, cancel or reactivate your account at any time. Plan must be suspended or cancelled before renewal date to avoid additional charge. No refunds issued on completed payments.

1 week of UNLIMITED bootcamp workouts, billed weekly- $40/week


2 weeks of UNLIMITED bootcamp workouts, billed every two weeks- $70/biweekly (save 13%)

4 weeks of UNLIMITED bootcamp workouts, billed every 4 weeks- $130 (save 19%)


Transformation Packages/Reduced Price Bootcamp Plans

All Inclusive Transformation Packages Include-

  • Bring a guest FREE to any session (limited to 1 workout per guest weekly),
  • Access to meal plan library 
    • 21 Day Flat Belly,
    • 28 Day Fat Flush,
    • Flab2Abs in 35 days
  • Vacation/At home workouts written while away from bootcamp,
  • Progress measurements and body fat testing each month,
  • Entry into all transformation challenges,
  • Monthly nutrition seminar,
  • Goal setting meeting with Derek to customize your transformation plan,
  • Access to LiveFit Official Support Page

3 month transformation plan- $350 (renews at either $29/weekly or $122.50/monthly)

3 Month Bootcamp Transformation Plan, $350 then renews at…

6 month transformation plan- $650 (renews at either $25/weekly or $108/monthly)

(Save 38% off weekly rate)

6 Month Bootcamp Transformation Plan, $650 then renews at…

12 month transformation plan- $1,111 (renews at $21.50/weekly or $92.50)

(Save 47% off weekly rate)

12 Month Bootcamp Transformation Plan, $1,111 then renews at…


best-value112 month transformation payment plan- $1,111

==>Broken up into 4 quarterly payments of $277.75 (=$21/weekly)

(does not renew after 4th payment, cannot be cancelled prior to completion of payments)

Quarterly payments of 277.75
Number of payments 4
Start payments At checkout
Due* Amount
At checkout $277.75 USD
Every 3 months (x 3) $277.75 USD
Total $1,111.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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Family Plans/Group Rate Bootcamp Plans

All Family Plans Include- everything offered in the Transformation Packages for 2-4 people

2 (up to 4) People Weekly UNLIMITED Bootcamp- $50/weekly

(Save up to 38% off weekly rate)

Family Plan- 1 week of UNLIMITED bootcamp workouts


2 People Biweekly UNLIMITED Bootcamps- $99.50/2 weeks


2 People 4 weeks UNLIMITED Bootcamp- $199/4 weeks

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Please read: I am only looking for people who are ready to thrive, overcome obstacles and get stronger mentally and physically than you ever imagined. I leave no one behind and the only way you will not see results is if you never get started. I stand behind my fitness, conditioning and dieting programs and for that reason I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If at anytime you feel you are not the person I described above, simply cancel by clicking the button below.

My clients are my clients for life, not because they have to, but because they want to! Cancel below-

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