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Cancellation Request

Cancellation Request

We are sorry to see you go 🙁

We know it is not always the right time or your budget isn’t right or sometimes we just aren’t a good fit working together.

To complete your request and to help serve clients like you better in the future, please complete the cancellation request below along with your feedback.

As our THANK YOU for giving us an opportunity to help you with your health and fitness goals, after completing your cancellation request you’ll have the opportunity to continue working with the LiveFit team through our new online coaching group for only $1.

This will give you access to the same meal plans, workouts and accountability as our bootcamp clients to do either at home or a local gym to continue your transformation journey.

Committed to your fitness succes,

Derek, your fitness Yoda 🙂
727.810.4005 (text anytime)

ONLINE CANCELLATION REQUESTS ONLY. No payments, registrations or cancellations available at LiveFit training facility. There are No Contracts on all LiveFit plans.

Option #1- Cancel anytime with 72 HOUR NOTICE PRIOR to your next payment. No refunds on completed payments.

Option #2- Or you can give us a 60 written notice and continue to get billed like every other gym (we didn’t think you’d like that either!)

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