When: Friday April 30th, 2021 7:30pm-8:30pm 

Where: LiveFIt Bootcamps 7037 Elizabeth Ave, Hudson, FL 34667 But this is not your typical bootcamp workout with the doors wide open and lots of bright lights… LiveFit will be transformed into a lit up neon drum club!  

What to Expect: Expect lots of FUN and sweat!!! This is a workout, lots of cardio and basic bootcamp exercises. Such as squats, jumping jacks, jumps, skiers. As always there will be modifications as needed. 

Who is This For: Cardio Drumming is for anyone that wants to have fun and enjoy an amazing sweat. We will beat on our drums(balls) to the beat of fun upbeat songs. Anyone that can stand and bang with sticks can do this. NO drumming experience needed!!!!!  

What to Bring: Make sure you bring your sweat towel and your drink. This is a full power hour of cardio, sassiness and smiles. Also it’s highly recommended that you wear white and bright neon colors!

Registration: Your $30 registration will include your drum sticks, bucket, yoga ball and complete instruction from Micki.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Since this is our first Cardio Drumming workout at LiveFit, all of the equipment needed to be purchased to create this program.

So in effort to recoup some of the upfront cost we are offering a discount for anyone that pre purchases entry into our next 2 Cardio Drumming workouts which will take place over the summer.

Please Note ➡ If you purchase your entry in advance and cannot attend the future sessions when the date is announced, your credit will rollover to a future event so you’ll never miss out! WIN-WIN!!!


ONLINE REGISTRATION ONLY. No Payments Accepted on site. This plan does not renew. No refunds on completed payments.