Good morning and happy Sunday! This might sound like a harsh way to start off a morning email, but you need to stop worrying about the things you suck at in life.

The reason why this is not harsh, is because you have amazing abilities that other people do not. You need to learn how to play to your strengths instead of always worrying about your weaknesses!

Each and every one of us has built in skill sets, that others do not.

For some reason though when it comes to fitness, we all want to try to fit into the same box and do the same thing that others are doing to achieve success.

The problem with that is while some things might look easy for some people, those things are near impossible for others.

➡️ For instance if you are someone that finds it hard to stay home, hang around the house and always have to be active, you need to play to that strength. You need to focus your fitness game plan around being more active, trying new things and slowly let the other pieces fall into place.

➡️ Or if you are a person that is always in the kitchen, loves to cook and try new recipes, you need to play to that strength. You need to focus your fitness game plan around meal prep, hacking your favorite recipes and swapping out healthier ingredients and slowly let the other pieces fall into place.

But what I see far too often though is…

Someone who is not a morning person, try to be a morning person who now all the sudden works out.

Or someone who hates grocery shopping and cooking, but all the sudden wants to master meal prep.

The more you try to conquer something outside of your comfort zone, the more difficult it will be.

But as I have found over and over again when people play to their strengths, all the sudden working on their weaknesses becomes much easier with momentum.

➡️ Take for instance if you start eating better each day because of new recipes you have created, within a couple of days and weeks you will find yourself being more active to help compliment your newly found “freedom” from junk food.

➡️ Or for instance if you find yourself being more active, trying new activities and start feeling more energy, you aren’t going to want to mess that up by eating a big cheeseburger and molten lava cake everyday.

Momentum is a powerful thing and internally we can feel it knowing things are moving in the right direction.

So once the ball starts to roll and you start picking up speed, your brain is smart and will start looking for other ways to avoid either being lazy or eating junk food. The things that once seemed difficult will now seem less daunting.

It all starts with playing to your strengths. Here’s your action plan…

➡️ Today, take time to use your smartphone or a note pad to start writing down things that you like doing that could also lead to you being a healthier version of who you are today.

➡️ Then circle the things that seem the easiest and start putting those activities into your weekly calendar.

➡️ Next set a cell phone reminder for next Sunday at 10 a.m. that says “Check in- how am I doing, what is next?”

➡️ You will then add something else that plays to your strengths and put that into your weekly calendar along with another check in for the following Sunday.

Week by week and month by month you will continue playing to your strengths, adding new healthy hobbies and activities while exponentially increasing your momentum into a healthier and happier lifestyle.

It’s important to eliminate bad habits, but we need to do that by gaining confidence in the fact that we can actually commit to something long-term and prove to herself that this isn’t just a quick fad or quick fix.

Week by week and month by month by focusing on things that you enjoy and, more naturally to you, you’ll start to notice yourself cleaning up some of the bad habits better currently surrounding your unhealthy or unhappy lifestyle.

But that will never happen if you continue to dwell on the things that you are not good at.

Focus on your strengths, become a superhero version of yourself and stop worrying about your kryptonite.

Proof this can work for you…

An eagles greatest foe is the crow. They come together in flocks to try to take down the eagle. But instead of trying to fight back, the eagle focuses on its strength and flies higher and higher to the point to where the crows cannot breathe and keep up with them.

The eagle doesn’t focus on its flaws, it rises above by playing to its strengths.

Fly to your greatest heights, soar like an eagle and feel what it’s like to be a badass!

Committed to your fitness success,

Derek Kuryliw, your fitness Yoda 🙂