I want to talk to you about something today that might not have ever crossed your brain before. You might not realize, but you have a superhero power. You might not believe it, but you do.

The other thing that I’ll tell you is you definitely have kryptonite.

We all have some things in our lives that we’re really, really good at and then we have some things that break us.

Some examples might be somebody who can keep their house clean. They can always have laundry done. They can be the most organized person, but yet they can’t go to a workout on their own or they need an accountability buddy or they just can’t get motivated to do a single sit-up on their own at home, but yet they just clean their whole house.

Superhero Power- That to me seems crazy because their superhero power is obviously that they can keep everything tidy and organized and neat.

Kryptonite- Their kryptonite is that they’re just not self-motivated or have that confidence for their workout.

Well, the other part comes to play too.

Some of us are kick-ass at our workouts and we can commit all this hard work and we can make ourselves have callouses and we can sweat and we can curse during the middle of a set because it’s so hard.

But then we get home and we can’t even meal prep because cooking is too hard.

We all have a superhero power.

We all have a kryptonite.

What you need to figure out is your superhero power, how do you use that to your best advantage and then how do you use that to parallel to overcome your kryptonite?

So figure out what you’re best at in your life.

Figure out what your superhero power is and then figure out what your kryptonite is.

When you can start figuring that out, then you can start using your advantages, your powers, your strengths and figure out what you’re doing in those aspects of your life and then just tie them into the other aspects that are breaking you down in life.

Remember, you have superhero powers.

You also have kryptonite, but we all do.

Use your superpowers to help overcome that kryptonite and win, win, win.

I hope this helps you harness your powers!

Committed to your fitness success,

Derek Kuryliw, your fitness Yoda 🙂