I recommended to you yesterday to start writing a list of possible goals, wins, experiences and what would qualify 2019 as a winning year for you. 

You have just over 2 weeks left in the year and this is the best time to start thinking ahead to your wins and losses from this year.

Then using those experiences as “wins and lessons” to avoid repeating your mistakes again next year. 

There are 3 things that make a goal possible to achieve: 

One of the biggest problems we ALL make, including myself, is that we aim for too many different goals. 

1. it has to be measurable/tangible/calculable

 2. you have to set a number/level/position to accomplish by a deadline

3. it must be a priority

The reason why I said above that the biggest problem we all make is setting too many goals is because we lose focus on what’s most important and some things no longer become a priority. 

pri·or·i·ty (noun)

  • the fact or condition of being regarded or treated as more important.
  • a thing that is regarded as more important than another.
  • the right to take precedence or to proceed before others.

Did you know that the plural version of priority (priorities) was not used in literature prior to the 1900’s and not recognized as an official word by most until the 1940’s? 

How can you prioritize more than 1 thing?

 How can 2 things have a priority over each other? 

So this is why I want you to start working on your list of 2019 goals NOW. 

That way for the next 2 weeks you can start identifying which things are more important than others, and which are most important. 

Then during the week between Christmas and New Years I’ll be sharing with you how to set a PRIORITY GOAL for your Physical, Mental, Professional, Relationship and Spiritual goal for 2019. 

This will help you go into the New Year with laser sharp focus of exactly what you need to make a priority and what you need to avoid so that you can conquer those goals next year!!!

So start working on your list today, don’t worry about making it perfect and just scribble everything down that comes to mind. If you are a person who frequently loses lists, use your cell phone Notepad. 

Next week we’ll start working on moving this list into the 5 topics I mentioned above. The following week we’ll refine your list into your master plan to succeed in 2019 🙂

Committed to your fitness success,