Today I am giving you permission…

Permission to go for it.

Permission permission to fail.

Permission to work harder.

Permission to use your god-given abilities and talents to a higher level.

Permission to work towards something you have dreamed about but I’ve always been scared to pursue.

Permission to ignore the naysayers.

Permission to take a route or do things that others have not done before.

Permission to make mistakes and learn from them.

Permission to exceed the success of your parents and peers.

Permission to be selfish to achieve your goals without feeling guilty of not being a good mother, good spouse, good sibling or a good co-worker.

Permission to not worry about what others think, say or do not support.

Permission to be unapologetic towards your goals and what you want.

Permission to make more, take more, earn more so that you can give more.

Today, I’m giving you permission to do whatever the heck it is that you want to do.

YOU are in control.

Why am I bringing you this message today?


1) you need to hear it and stop letting other peoples doubts dictate your confidence

2) it’ll tie in with step #2 to conquering your goals that I’ll be sending you in 2 days so that you can, guilt free, become the bad ass that God created you to be!

Committed to your fitness success AND a better life,

Derek Kuryliw, Your fitness Yoda 🙂

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