It starts today. No matter if it’s your come back, your redemption story or it’s time for you to push the gas a little harder and step things up.

Now before reading that and getting overwhelmed thinking of all the changes you have to make, STOP!

Make one change today. That’s it.

As of today you have 75 days before August 1st… ↩️ 
Today starts your own personal 75 day challenge!

And the best part is you are in control. You decide which steps are going to move you ahead the farthest and which you will begin first…

∆ I want you to look at this like a mountain peak ∆

We are going to start with gradual changes and by the midway point we will be at the hardest difficulty level, but about to begin our downward home stretch towards the end of summer while our body is operating on full cylinders!

➡️ PICK 4 STRATEGIES- 75 day plan

Week 1- implement 1 new daily habit

Pick the easiest change first since it’ll be for 75 days. You want this to be something that will make some impact, but not too hard to start doing today and every day for the next 10 weeks.

Example- Move more. “I will workout every day for at least 15 minutes rain or shine, energy or not, no excuses.”

Week 2- implement 1 new daily habit

Now you have a week of momentum under your belt, pick the next habit that will make the greatest impact over the next two weeks. You will now have 2 daily habits to focus on consistently until we add a new habit starting week 4.

This change should be a little bit more difficult, but still choose something that is manageable.

Example- Eat better. “I will eliminate all sugar and alcohol. No cheat meals, no excuses.”

Week 4- implement 1 new daily habit

At this point you have about six weeks left and this change here should be your biggest impact maker. We should also be the thing you have been avoiding most, but now with a little momentum under your belt you know that you can conquer.

Example- Fuel the fire. “I will drink a protein shake every day and drink at least 100 ounces of water, no excuses.”

Week 6- implement 1 new daily habit

This fourth habit that you add will be only for the next 30 days, so this one should either be more physically for nutritionally challenging.This is where you really start stepping things up. Your foundation has been laid and now it’s time to go big!

Example- Turn up the heat. “I will go for a jog or walk every day for at least 15 minutes rain or shine, energy or not, no excuses.”

Week 8- improve 1 or 2 daily habits

You have just over two weeks left and you are in the final sprint. At this point you know that you are stronger both mentally and physically. You have balanced play fun summer with healthy lifestyle habits leaving you feeling energized, lean and filled with confidence.

What’s that one simple thing you can add at this point to really dial it in to finish this 75 day challenge?

Example- Starve the fat. “I will eliminate all starchy carbs from my daily meals. No cheat meals, no excuses.”

Day 75- the reveal

As you look in the mirror putting on your bathing suit getting ready to take your final transformation pictures, you twist and turn looking at yourself from every angle.

With each twist and each new angle you see new muscles moving, skin looking tighter and you find yourself being more accepting of the few stubborn areas you might have lingering around.

Now those areas look more like sexy curves and less like unhealthy fat. Now your muscles have curves… MURVES!!!

You set up your camera to have your kids or husband take your pictures. With each pose your heart beats a little bit more intense, scared of what these pictures will look like.

You’ve always hated taking pictures, so your inner wiring causes anxiety even though you know that you have been a bad ass for the past 75 days.

The last picture you throw up a flex and the biggest smile you can while squeezing every inch of your legs, abs and everything from head to toe.

All of the sudden in that moment, all of the fear goes away and as you squeeze you realize this is a cherry on top, and the culmination of 75 days of healthy habits and revealing the new and improved you!

You finally get your phone back in your hands and you start flipping to the pictures. You can’t believe what you see. Yes you made a funny face in a few of the pictures, but you quickly delete those.

And then you see a picture that makes your heart jump with excitement…that’s really you in that picture!

Then you flip to the next one, then the next one, and then the next one and before you know it you have burned the body you have always dreamed of.

Instead of thinking about it, you have worked for it.

Instead of making excuses, you have made solutions.

What you see is the 2.0 badass version of the person you saw in the mirror this morning.

This is real, this is possible and you can be the hero of your own story!

It starts today. What’s 1 healthy habit you can start?

Do that today.

It’s time for YOU to be proud of YOU!

Committed to your fitness success,

Derek Kuryliw, your fitness Yoda 🙂