Too often we have the best intentions of working out, stopping at the gym on the way home, or going to walk with friends at the park after work.

But in reality what REALLY happens is something little like a lack of preparation prevents that from happening.

So I had my team of trainers reveal what is in their personal gym bags that will help you stay prepared to never miss a workout again!

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Some things like shoes and clothes are common knowledge, but other things like hair ties, “lady stuff” and a few other surprises they share with us might be the difference from you making it to your workout or going home to sit on the couch.

Getting the motivation to work out and actually showing up are 2 HUGE variables in your success that aren’t always easy to come by. Don’t let something that is so little like forgetting one of these things hold you back for success.

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Please reply with your favorite take away and also what things we missed that you keep in your gym bag to keep you on track ⤵️


Committed to your fitness success,

Derek Kuryliw, your fitness Yoda 🙂