So here it is… This was way harder for me than I imagined it would be. Telling my truth and reliving the moments that lead me here proved to be an emotional process. Thank you for choosing me, it was really unexpected and I’m flattered by all the encouragement!

Truth be told…I knew about LiveFit 3 years ago from several co-workers that were boot campers and I was a Facebook stalker for about 2 years before deciding I was done watching from my phone. 

We all have reasons why we decided to make a change and mine started, honestly, due to defeat.

I spent 2 years working and preparing towards my dream to watch it literally slip through my hands.

This left me sad, disappointed, heart broken and feeling a little lost.

Somewhere a long the way I forgot about myself and most of all I felt like a failure.

I wanted to feel good again and if I’m being honest I wanted to be in control again, desperate for an outlet to release all the sadness and anger.

 I had always been an active person and knew if I could motivate myself to move I could trigger those endorphins and boost my mood. So scared and at my least confident moment I signed up for boot camp. 

I didn’t know it at the time but excuses that I convinced myself weren’t excuses but my circumstances would be my challenge I had to overcome. I have 4 amazing children, a husband that works nights and I work full time during the day.

My kids all have extra curricular activities in the evenings and weekend so I’m virtually an Uber driver without pay.

My greatest challenge was diet and as bad as it sounds we went through a drive thru every night of the week. I thought I just couldn’t manage to get dinner ready and served before heading back out of the house.

I made a lot of excuses and rationalizations but I knew my kids and myself should be eating better so I discovered this thing called a crock pot and Tupperware.

I found an extra half hour one day a week to meal prep simple healthy recipes for the week ahead.

I started to see results, I felt strong and not so lethargic.

Yes I’m busy, tired, sore, broke and any other excuse you could think of but I am more important than those excuses. 

My goal was never centered around being skinny, fit into my pre-mom jeans or look like a super model. Ultimately my goal is to find self love and get my confidence back.

To feel accomplished at the end of every day and know I’m good enough and deserving of great things. 

I have the privilege of starting my day before the crack of dawn(literally the only time that belongs to me)with a group of positive, encouraging and motivated boot campers and trainers. 

I was so scared the first day that I didn’t know a soul so I had that new kid nervousness and Mostly I was scared I would throw up from the workout. But I was met with friendly faces and knew there was no looking back on day one.

Shout out to the 6am crew, you have made an impact even if you don’t know it! So much encouragement, examples of hard work and even amazing laughter every morning that sets the tone for the rest of my day.

I feel accomplished at the end of every workout even if I can’t lift my arms or use my legs. I am better able to navigate the stressors of my day, put a true smile on my face and feel proud. 

I’m not sure where this road will take me but I sure am glad I’m on it. There is greatness in failure even if we don’t see it in the moment.

You are worth it!!!

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