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Which Burns More Diet or Excercise

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Which Burns More Diet or Excercise

What’s more important, your nutrition or your exercise routine? I’m sure by now you have heard me use the expression that you cannot out train a bad diet. While this is true to some extent, I think today’s message will shock you.

You see I would tell you that the answer truly depends on the individual person. It also depends on which stage of your journey you are currently going through, how much weight you have already lost and what your previous exercise activity has been.

A new client for instance, with little to no exercise experience can make dramatic changes in just a short length of time with virtually no changes to their daily nutritional intake just by adding in a few minutes of exercise each day.

Likewise, somebody can make a few subtle nutritional changes without adding any exercise and see very good results.

But with each of those two options, you will eventually hit a standstill and stop losing weight. The magic really when you incorporate a balanced approach to both your workouts and nutrition.

You see, exercise helps your body use nutrition more efficiently. So essentially by working out you’re able to eat more food. As long as you give it the right food and the right fuel more often than you have previously, you will see phenomenal results when combined with a good exercise routine.

But when you are ready to make the ultimate transformation, expose your abs and turn heads your nutrition needs to be on point and your workouts need to be intense. How strict and how intense you need to take it also varies from person to person. But the best advice I can give you is if you are continuously making progress with your plan, you will be making progress with your body.

So start today with increasing your protein slightly at each meal, increasing your water intake between meals, eliminate your carbohydrate intake when you are not active and get your ass up and moving either first thing in the morning or right after work!

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In life and in fitness your goal should be to never peak. We are a body in motion and our best is always yet to come!

Derek Kuryliw, CSN, CPT

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