Get 30 days of unlimited training sessions and complete Transformation Jumpstart Plan for just $60!

Who is included in this 50% special?

Any teachers, faculty or administration from any local school are able to take advantage of this special offer.

Who is your bootcamp for?

Any woman or man who is either lost or having trouble starting their own personal transformation to living a healthier and more energetic life.

Moms who want to get their bodies toned and set an example as the leader of her family.

If you’re a beginner and scared of gyms.

You are not sure what to do, or how to do it…and how many times. (and thinking about this gives you so much anxiety that you want to quit before even starting.)

If you’re looking for a supportive community of positive, like minded people on the same journey as you. People going through the same struggles and daily busy schedules to help keep you accountable, pick you up when you need a kick in the pants or a caring hug after a tough workout.

In the last 10 months, teacher Leslie Vachon, has lost over 58 pounds and 24 inches from her belly, hips and thigh!

She signed up for this EXACT special and started July 2018.

What will YOU accomplish in the next 10 months???

What’s in it for you?

EVERYTHING you need to make a major life changing, head turning transformation. We include all of the tools, support and accountability to keep you motivated and on track.

  • 30 days of UNLIMITED bootcamp workouts
  • an easy to follow 14 day meal plan (over 70+ meal options)
  • a free nutrition seminar Tuesday August 13th @ 6:45pm and Tuesday August 20th @ 6:45pm (both will be recorded if unable to attend) 
  • at home fat burning workouts for extra results or missed workouts
  • healthy dessert recipe guide
  • at home flexibility program to relieve pain, eliminate soreness and feel younger!

These are the SAME EXACT meal plans and workouts that all of the transformation stories you’ve seen on this site used themselves!

Where does your transformation begin?

7037 Elizabeth Avenue, Bayonet Point 34667 one block northeast of the 19/52 intersection

When can you start looking and feeling better?

Start as soon as Monday August 5th and attend as many instructed 1/2 hour bootcamp sessions as you’d like for 30 days!

Please arrive 20 minutes early your first day to complete a waiver, meet your trainers, learn your daily warm-up and get acclimated.

Beginners are encouraged to attend 6am or 6:15pm beginner sessions initially until you’re acclimated and ready for a greater challenge.

After your first session you can attend as many workouts as you’d like, anyday, anytime!

Why now and why me?

Because it’s time to put YOU first!

Chances are if you are reading this, YOU are the type of person who has all the right ambitions and motives to get into shape, lose weight and feel better but…

Because if it wasn’t for teachers, none of us would be doing what we are doing today, these sentences on this page wouldn’t make sense and we’d all be a bunch of uneducated dimwits without them!

Teachers, public servants (police/fire), nurses and former military have a special spot in the LiveFit community’s hearts.

You are dedicated team players and that is exactly the type of positive, motivated and well rounded person we are looking for to make the ultimate physical transformation this summer. It’s time to focus on you!

No one is ever left behind at our bootcamp. No injury, age, lack of experience or coordination will hold you back from being successful in our program.

All you need is the desire to get better…everyday!

How do I become the next LiveFit transformation?

To get started, complete the simple registration form below and you’ll be redirected to Step#2 of your registration where you’ll have the option to register just yourself OR, you and your spouse for ONLY $60 for the next 30 days!

Make this the summer of change and go back into next school year with more energy, better health, less stress….oh yeah and a killer bod!


Sale ends this Sunday August 11th @ midnight!

Check out these HEAD TURNING transformations!


Sale ends Sunday August 11th @ midnight!