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VIP- FREE Diet & Workout Plan

VIP- FREE Diet & Workout Plan

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to get leaner, more ripped and developing beautiful lean muscle faster than others? red-arrow-down-left

Learn the top secrets used by the Tampa Bay areas most successful transformation coaches.

On the following page you’ll have access to:

  • 14 day Mens and Womens meal plans with over 72+ meal options

  • Exclusive 2 week, Unlimited Access, trial of my fitness bootcamp for only $1

  • 10 Morning Metabolizer Workouts that you can complete in your own home each morning to rev up your metabolism into a fat burning furnace

  • A complete stretching routine to overcome any injuries and increase recovery time

  • Learn the top supplements to help give you that ‘edge’

  • Print and save Derek’s famous high protein peanut butter ball recipe!!

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