Face it, it’s tough to lose 10 pounds.

It’s even tougher to lose 20 pounds.

And it’s near impossible to lose any weight and KEEP IT OFF for any extended duration of time.

Well, not if you do it the right way.

If you start by focusing on making yourself healthier, fuel your body with the correct foods and exercise for mobility and stamina…then your side effect will be weight loss, stronger muscles and a healthier YOU!

It’s only when you crash diet, follow “fad” programs and go through the motions without learning what works best for you that causes people to Yo Yo and Rebound all of their weight loss efforts.

To conclude the year and for my last blog of 2016 I wanted to spotlight 3 incredible transformations…

While all of them come from COMPLETELY different walks of life, they all share 3 distinct habits that have led to their head turning results.

1.) They schedule and prioritize their schedules

2.) They do this for themselves to relieve stress and get healthier

3.) They have not quit on themselves

Even though these might seem like the most simple 3 steps ever, can you honestly say that you have done all 3 yourself?

Chances are the answer is NO.

Watch this interview with Sharon Smith who has lost over 120 pounds!!!

Over 56% of the population is obese. Not because they choose to but instead because they think that there is an underlying secret or tip or exercise that they are missing.

Instead of trusting the process, asking questions and continuing to invest in their own health daily…they look for a new diet pill, deprivation diet or exercise gimmick on a TV infomercial.


This is YOUR journey. This is YOUR body. This is YOUR life. This is YOUR health.

You cannot expect to take a short cut with anything in life and expect a complete result.

Half efforts get half results.

Each of these 3 women has been with LiveFit training with me and my team for over 4 years.

Each of these 3 women has consistently lost fat, strengthened their muscles and worked on improving their nutritional knowledge.

Each of these women have encountered an injury, traumatic life event and extremely busy schedules during this time.

Each of these women have done it the right way!

Check out these interviews with mother of 2 Jen Hall and local attorney Catie Masfield have transformed their lives through exercise and healthier eating habits.

Both ladies consistently maintain a year round body fat percentage below 16%. That’s incredible!

So what about YOU???

Will you be one of our top transformation of 2017?

Together we can make this upcoming year the beginning of a healthier, stronger and more confident YOU!

Get started today by signing up for my Inches & Pinches Transformation Challenge beginning January 16th

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Committed to your fitness success and a healthy 2017,

Derek Kuryliw, Your fitness Yoda 🙂