Transformation Tuesday success story written by Ashley Buckey:

The first Transformation Tuesday (feature on me) was a surprise just as much as this one.  My journey has been long and my effort had been weak.

The defining moment that got me to join was having so much stress and gaining weight without meaning to.

When I started back in January of this year I went more hardcore than I had in previous attempts.

I told myself that I couldn’t stop until I reached my goal of being in a bikini contest. Even that goal has been a stretch and I have not given 100% the whole way.

I had struggles of sickness, depression, and just not wanting to give the time to myself.

August of this year was the HARDEST for me emotionally, physically, and mentally.

If it weren’t for many of the people at LiveFit I would have ended my journey to success, but their relentlessness and love have kept me going and shooting for the stars and all of my goals.

I have gained many friends and family. LiveFit truly is an amazing place to achieve your goals.

My first personal victory would be gaining the confidence I need to succeed and stick to my goals no matter what happens.

I feared lifting weights and throwing up and still struggle with meal planning/prepping. I am getting better and better each day with the help of Derek’s accountability.

Each Wednesday and Sunday night I send him a ‘check-in’ email. Thinking about my weekly messages to Derek about nutrition and bootcamp has helped me plan better and stay on track.

Some goals that I have attained since January:

  • Being a Transformation Tuesday,
  • losing 20 lbs,
  • going down 4.4% body fat
  • over 4″ on each thigh!

Another big accomplishment is being able to do push-ups AND I am not afraid of weights anymore!

My biggest future goal is to be in a bikini contest by May of 2019.

I would tell someone just starting out to MAKE FRIENDS gain an accountability partner (or more) and keep to it. Your only weakness is yourself.

How do I become the next LiveFit transformation?

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