When it comes to weight loss, fitness and ‘getting healthy’ there are so many ways to characterize success.

What might be successful to YOU, might not be successful to someone else though.

Unfortunately, most people quit before ever realizing such successes have already been made. The biggest issue I see people have is with their scale. THE SCALE LIES!!

Can the scale tell you how many inches you’ve lost from your belly? muscle vs fat one pound weight loss

Can the scale tell you how much better your butt looks in jeans?

Can the scale tell you how much your strength and endurance have increased?

Can the scale tell you how much more energy than you had just a few short weeks ago?

NO. NO. NO. Annnnnnnnnnnddddd NO!

So why the hell do so many people rely on only a scale to gauge their success? Because those people are DOOMED to fail.

The scale only tells the big picture. It’s like seeing how big a wrapped up Christmas present is under the tree.

You don’t know how big, the quality or the condition of anything underneath the ‘wrapper’, you just know how big it is.

Our job is to unwrap each layer revealing the beautiful present underneath.

Still don’t believe it. Here is how to prove it…

Ask the 3 people closest to you right now to guess how much you weigh. I promise that not only will all 3 people come up with a different number, but the numbers will not even be remotely close to each of the other guesses.

Why? Because it’s impossible to know the quality of the present that is underneath your ‘wrapping paper’!!

The only way to ever find out is to set goals, persevere through all struggles, never quit and set attainable goals.

The body is WAY stronger than the mind initially. Once you allow your mind to dream and think bigger, the sky is the limit.

“Where the mind goes, the body will follow” -Arnold Schwarzenegger (and others)

When you finally make up your mind and decide that enough is enough and you are ready to make a change, anything is possible.

There is no limit to how far you can take your success.

Envision. Plan. Execute.

As I’ve said before, fitness is not biased. It does not chose some people to have success while leaving others behind.

Fitness rewards those that commit the most towards it. Activity breeds activity.

You are either doing something to get leaner, stronger and healthier or….you are getting closer to lack of mobility, disease and lack of physical freedom.

The best part is that you are not the only one who benefits from your success. Your friends, family and co-workers will notice your increased energy, happiness and less stress.

Your success is also contagious.

As you get healthier you’ll start to notice others around you making more mindful decisions when it comes to their exercise, health and fitness.

You become each others accountability partners and you won’t let each other down.

Time and time research has show that people who are involved in either an exercise group or have an exercise partner are over 50% more successful than those attempting to do it on their own.

We are more than just a bootcamp. We are more than just a gym. We are more than just a workout.

We are a Fit Family united by one goal: be healthier today than you were yesterday.

Whether that means working to the side with a trainer to perfect your form, getting that private phone call or text to ‘get off your ass’, to the free Thursday night nutrition seminars or just as simple as a veteran bootcamper reaching out to help a newbie…

…..everyone is there to help everyone.

If not? Get the hell out and join a $10 gym!

They are everywhere.

We are here for results.

We are addicted to results.

Without results, a workout becomes just work.

Love the process, love your results and love the person you see in the mirror!

That’s what this is all about. Loving yourself more isn’t it?

So why do you rely so much on a scale to gauge your success?

Why do you spend so much time on a treadmill, counting calories and wasting precious time without seeing results?

Why are you trying to do it alone?

When you train with us, you are never alone.

Someone that has walked your same path before you is always there to reach out a helping hand, teach you what has helped them and to send you a motivational message when you are feeling down on yourself.

We are a Fit Family. We are your motivational push, your inspiration and your path to a happier and healthier life.

Some people drink during ‘Happy Hour’ each day to feel better.

We sweat, laugh (and sometimes hurl too) and get stronger than the person we were yesterday, EVERYDAY!

You see, that is how I gauge success.

Are you better than who you were yesterday?

Can you handle more mentally today than the person you left behind yesterday?

Are you stronger than you have been at any point in your life, at the oldest age you have ever been? (think about that)

Throw the F’ING scale away and BE YOUR BEST YOU….That is freakin’ success!

Committed to your fitness success and the next phase of your journey,

Derek Kuryliw, your fitness Yoda 🙂

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