2 Fit Moms Transformation Journey

Tara Mill’s Story:

Hi. I am a 43- year-old mother of 5!

My oldest is 24, and my youngest is 6. I have always been health-conscious, and I have worked out my entire life in some shape or form, and for the most part, eat well. I have had setbacks here and there, but usually, am active and healthy. 

I started Livefit in October of 2017 after seeing a couple of my girlfriends having fun while getting fit and I wanted to give it a try. I usually have great success working out with friends, especially if it is in a fun atmosphere with good people and proper guidance.

In December of 2017, I had a bad injury after working out that left me in a lot of pain and unable to work out at all for quite some time.

An MRI revealed I had an annular tear of the posterior aspect of L5-S1. It was debilitating and devastating. The pain was the worst pain of my life. 

After many months of physical therapy, I was able to start doing yoga again. Yoga progressed to jogging and then to light weights and conditioning at home and finally back to boot camp at Livefit!

My biggest fear, is fear of another injury.

My job as an Emergency Room nurse is very demanding and exhausting. I need to be on my A-game at all times in my line of work.

So fear of injury is always in my mind.  I have a strong belief that if you do not use it, you will lose it, and I see it daily at work and in my personal life with family members. I strive to set good examples for my children and grandchildren.

On the last challenge, I participated in, I set goals for myself and stuck to them, and I was delighted with my results.

I lost 7.8 lbs, my body fat went from 25% to 19.8%, and I lost 2.2 inches!

I was comfortable in a bikini on our Hawaiian vacation and felt strong and confident.

-Tara on her Game of Shreds transformation success

Seeing my results help keep me motivated and active in maintaining my fitness goals. 

I am, for the most part, happy with my body, we all have “problem areas” that we are unhappy with, and after multiple abdominal surgeries, I am always dissatisfied with my belly and want to get it more toned and flattering to my eyes.

My biggest obstacle with abdominal exercises is my tailbone. I broke it when I was a teenager, and it is pretty deformed, which causes a lot of wounds and discomfort.

LiveFit has been a considerable asset in my life, and I always recommend and try to recruit new members.

I share my personal goals and experiences with all who want/will listen.

I am very proud to work out with such a good group of people and even more lucky to work out with one of my best friends in the world, Gisela Doerrfeld.

Her dedication and accountability have kept me in check and motivated to meet my goals.  

Gisela Doerrfeld’s Story:

My daughter was 2 & I still hadn’t lost the 20 lbs I was looking to lose.

I didn’t like how I looked in clothes, my “big girl” pants were now just my everyday pants and even getting too snug.

My friend Ryan Barnhart invited me to LiveFit & now I am coming up on my 3 yrs!

I have diastasis from the pregnancy, so I had zero core. Watching me do a sit up was like watching a turtle try to turn itself over.

Thankfully the trainers helped me modify and I even learned some exercises to help build my core.

If I got discouraged, I would look around and realize everyone there was doing their best with their best ability, while not giving up. So if they could get it done, so could I.

I remember Usi encouraging me and me thinking when “I grow up, I’m going to be strong like her” (haha).

I’ll never forget when I was brushing my teeth one morning and saw definition in my shoulder & bicep!!

You would’ve thought I won the lottery I was so excited!

I soon started being able to do sit ups and push ups! Now they weren’t always pretty but the consistency was paying off.

Another moment I’ll never forget is I put on my “big girl” shorts & had to take them right off because they were to big. I didn’t even have to unzip them to take them off, they slid right off!

My goal started out to lose 20lbs, then grew to being able to do 2 pull ups.

I am happy to say I can do 4 on a good day.

My favorite part of LiveFit is that from the moment I walked in I felt welcomed.

I love that I get to share this experience with my friends like Tara & Jessica. We cheer each other on, celebrate our accomplishments and help keep each other accountable.

Gisela on her favorite things about LiveFit

The gyms I had attended in the past, I always had a feel of “don’t look at me don’t talk to me”, here at LiveFit, you’re greeted with smiles.

When you’re in the middle of a workout and feel like you’re about to take your last breathe and you make eye contact with or without saying anything you both encourage each other to finish.

You get all the tools you need including grocery  lists & so much more.

It’s not just a gym, it’s a second family and a huge support system that motivates you to be the best version of yourself.

How many gym owners do you know who text you stretches to do while your taking time to heal & genuinely care? Well ….mine does!

Gisela on the support she receives

The amazing people & friendships I’ve made are priceless!

There is just no place like it.