In 2013 we introduced Muscle Retreats to our LiveFit bootcampers and over the past 8 years we have provided new exciting twists to old familiar exercises.

The camaraderie from these retreats bring so many people together and develop new friendships.

We’ve had 4 hour, 5 hour, 2 hour and even an 8 hour retreats over the past 7 years. Every time more action packed than the time before.

On Friday July 30th your LiveFit team will welcome you with 3 hours of excitement, sweat and fun!

We’ve had an amazing start to 2021 and this summer was no exception. With the success of the Summer Body Shredder challenge, Cardio Drumming, Yoga in the Park (and Beach) and our patriotic workouts that we wanted to end our “Summer Nights” with a BANG!!!

Our clients are the best and we want to thank you with an epic workout and party that you’ll remember for years to come ??️‍♀️?

What should you expect?

Well in short…EVERYTHING!

We will have fun games with added ‘bootcamp twists’, exercise challenges, partner competitions and LOTS of LIFTING!!!

Plus proper form and technique coaching from your motivating trainers.

You will have sore cheeks from smiling and sore cheeks from squatting ??

Not sure you can handle completing a Muscle Retreat? WRONG!

Just like with our bootcamp environment, everyone supports each other and no one is ever left behind.

I will personally see to it that you are helped, pushed and inspired by your accomplishments.

Then afterwards we’ll cheers and drink to your success at the after party!

Check out clips from previous Muscle Retreats!

Who, What, Where, Why, When and How…

Who? YOU and a friend that is looking for a new exciting challenge with a motivating group of people.

What? Ummm a Muscle Retreat duh   (<< if you still don’t understand, good, that’s kinda the point!)

Where? LiveFit Bootcamps 7037 Elizabeth Ave, Bayonet Point, FL 34667

When? Friday February 30th from 6pm until 9pm(ish)

Why? For the spark, adrenaline, energy, motivation and boost to be at your all-time best…even if it’s just for 3 hours away from the stress of life!

How? Lock in your spot and register by clicking the Paypal button below

Register with a buddy and save!

Summer Nights Muscle Retreat
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ONLINE REGISTRATION ONLY. No Payments Accepted on site. No refunds on completed payments. Credit can be transferred if you are unable to attend.