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Summer Body Reboot (2 for $88)

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Summer Body Reboot (2 for $88)

Love handles, inner thighs, spare tires, saddlebags and saggy arms, OH MY!

Can you believe it, we are already 25% into 2018?

Is the thought of bathing suits and warm weather causing anxiety and angst?

Are you struggling to stay on track with your nutrition and workouts?

Think back just three short months ago about your high hopes, dreams and aspirations for the upcoming year.

Have you fallen short?

Was one of your goals this year to commit to healthier eating and an exercise program?

Were you hoping by this point you would be down a couple sizes, have more energy and comfortably settled into a new fitness routine BEFORE summer?

The bad news is: bikini season is already here.

The good news is: I can help you over the next 28 days to gain more confidence with your bikini body.

How are we going to do this?

Well R-E-L-A-X and know that I’ve got your back. Our next transformation challenge begins April 16th!

Whether you’re too busy, too stressed or too lost this completely new transformation challenge format will keep you on track, simplify your meal plan and keep you accountable.

Together we are going to give you the tools, steps and systems to target your stubborn body parts, simplify your nutritional plan and hold you accountable!

Best of all we are giving you options to completely customize this program for your own personal schedule, favorite foods and how fast you are looking to burn fat.

Your own personal accountability team!

This challenge will feature an all new hybrid meal plan that we have been testing with several of our private clients as well as helping me lose over 20 pounds so far this year 🔥🔥

By combining the foundational principles of intermittent fasting, ketogenic and carb rotation you will rev up your metabolism just in time for summer, while still enjoying 8 out of 28 days to eat your favorite foods!

Not good at the whole dieting thing or following directions?

No problem, we will have a basic meal plan for you also 🙂

Have an upcoming cruise, summer vacation or wedding to attend?

No problem, we will have an accelerated plan for you also 🙂

I’m excited to see the results that we can put together, especially with the motivation of Summer.

I’m hoping for the same results we saw in 6 weeks last challenge, but this time in 4 weeks instead!

Whether you are in all out desperation mode or just need to tighten up those last couple of pounds and inches, the next 28 days together will provide you with all of the tools and accountability you need to make it happen!

Husband and Wife duo Mike and Kelly Ambrosio working abs together!


  • Meal Plan and Stubborn Body Part workouts emailed- Saturday April 14th
  • Initial measurements and body fat % testing- Wed 4/11 or Mon 4/16 or Wed 4/18 (or by appt)
  • Final measurements and body fat % testing- Wed 5/9 or Mon 5/14 or Wed 5/16 (or by appt)
  • Challenge begins- Monday April 16th
  • Nutrition seminars- Thursday April 19th and May 3rd 7:40pm
  • Challenge after party- Friday May 18th 6:15-7pm

If you are unavaible for any measurement dates, please text 727-810-4005 to make alternate arrangements.

Bootcamp Schedule:

What you win:

Once you’ve gained momentum we want you to maintain it and become one of our Transformation Tuesday success stories.

1 person will win FREE BOOTCAMP for SUMMER (June, July, August $450), 4 weeks of PRIVATE TRAINING ($130) a LiveFit Shaker Cup ($8) and LiveFit dri-fit Headband ($12)!!!

That’s a $600 bundle of awesomeness to make sure you have a head turning summer 🙂 🙂 🙂

How do you win:

For every workout you attend- 1 entry

For each nutrition seminar you attend- 3 entries

For every pound you lose- 1 entry

For every 1% body fat you lose- 1 entry

May 18th at our Challenge After Party along with celebrating our 28 day accomplishments we will select 1 winner live!

What you will get:

  • NEW Hybrid meal plan with sample menus, snack ideas
  • Targeted STUBBORN body part workouts
  • Progressive daily AB workout calendar
  • Customizable for Beginner up to Advanced level clients
  • 2 Nutrition Seminars covering Meal Prep, Food Swaps & Cheat Meals
  • Pre & Post measurements and body fat % testing to track progress
  • UNLIMITED 30 minute fat burning bootcamp workouts
  • Weekly ACCOUTABILITY check-ins
  • Challenge After Party to celebrate with your fellow bootcampers

What does this cost:

As always our current bootcamp and LVFT coaching clients are enrolled FREE.

New and returning clients will save over $100 and get the entire program AND 28 days of unlimited bootcamp workouts for only $88 for up to 2 people (if you choose the couples plan)!

Plus, $10 from EVERY registration will go directly to the Salvation Army Domestic Violence division.

If you’re serious about making a head turning transformation, don’t delay and don’t miss out!

To Reserve YOUR Spot:

Complete the registration form below and let me know your goals to reserve your spot in the 28 day Summer Body Reboot.

On the following page new and returning clients will have 4 payment options (Community Heros, Family Plan, Single or Online Coaching Only)

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