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Strong Mom, Strong Family (Amanda’s Transformation)

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Strong Mom, Strong Family (Amanda’s Transformation)

Transformation Tuesday blog by: Amanda Jones

I’m writing this just in the nick of time as the movers will be here shortly to pack up the computer and the rest of my belongings before I move to Ireland in a week!!

I never considered myself to be unhealthy or incredibly out of shape.

Yes, my weight fluctuated with each child, but I managed to bounce back reasonably okay.

Child three rolls around…. I was eating a very healthy whole foods diet and annoyed the rest of the people in my life with it, and was running at least ten miles a week….yet still, felt I was not in very good shape and somehow was gaining weight.

I have tried every gym out there and just never stuck with it. I found myself wandering around them not sure what to do and group classes with giant mirrors surrounding me were just not my thing.

My friend, Nora, invited me to bootcamp with her.

I knew Derek from probably elementary school age so thought why not, I’ve tried everything else. I’ll just go all in.

I knew there wasn’t childcare and 3 young homeschooled children plus a husband that works long hours would probably be an issue.

I begged my mom to watch the kids for me to go….it’s just a 30 minute workout!! I am just trying it for 2 weeks!! She gave in, and I signed up.

I was terrified before I went and made a friend join me, but the second I was there I was not intimidated at all. I mean, not by the people. The workout and I had some issues but I made it though! (Except there was ABSOLUTELY no hope of doing a V-Up on day one lol)

Two weeks in, I was hooked. I loved it.

The thing I love most is that I didn’t have to think about what to do. I can turn off all the stress of life for that 30 minutes and just follow the workout and zone out.

No worrying about my to do list or the kids or whatever else, just lift.

No mirrors or worrying about which way I need to side to side step and kick with music.

I had to stop running since there’s only so much childcare available, but it was okay because I was making HUGE gains (losses?) and didn’t miss it. Plus running took a whole lot longer.


When I share my love for bootcamp with others, they give the usual excuses that I used to have. Childcare, mostly. Fitting it into their schedule.

What has worked for me is that I prioritize it. I sit down and plan my week around it. I plan when I go around when I have childcare.

I occasionally drag the kiddos with (and they stare out the window and cheer the whole time).

If I’m away, I notice my mental health suffers.

Bootcamp has done wonders for my anxiety and overall mood. It’s worth it to my husband to send me because he knows not only does it make me a whole lot more fit, it helps my overall being.

Thanks so much for all you do, Derek, Rich, (JT and Sara), Rolando, Kirsten. You’ve made a huge impression over the last 10 months and I’ll miss you guys!!

I hope I can find something comparable in Ireland but I do not think there could be anything as amazing!

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