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Strong Mom, Strong Family

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Strong Mom, Strong Family

Guest blog post by Transformation Tuesday success April Ames…

I lost my dad June 24,2010 to medical conditions related to being overweight. He was 56.

I didn’t want my son to loose his mother at a young age. I decided at that time to improve my health. I went on a 6 year roller coaster of diets and workout programs.

I would stick to it for a little while, but didn’t see results quick enough or I would get sore and take a day off… that turned into a few days.

I could never stick to any fitness plan.

It was a constant internal battle. Every time I failed a workout regimen, I felt like I failed him.

I kept seeing posts on Facebook from my son’s first grade teacher Kristen Zammit about LiveFit. I would see the posts and would consider trying it out. This went on for a few months!

By this time the holidays were approaching. I almost waited until January to start, but that was the same pattern I had always done.

So the week of Thanksgiving, I went on website and signed up for the 2 week trial.

I started on Nov. 25, 2016, the day after Thanksgiving and also the day after what would have been my dad’s birthday.

Ever since then I have gone to bootcamp at LiveFit at least 5 days a week.

This is what you look like after playing with tires at bootcamp!

One of my most defining moments was when I realized how easily I did a tire push after needing someone’s assistance a few months earlier.

The amazing support the LiveFit community is there every step of your journey. This time around during the times I was so sore I thought about stopping, but I would tell myself to “trust in the process”.

My favorite sign at LiveFit is: If it doesn’t challenge you, it will not change you.

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