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Your trainer and doctor are clueless about nutrition and they’re HARMING your thyroid, pancreas and metabolism. NO CARBS + NO FAT= DANGER!!!

Now am I implying that I have all the answers? No.

Am I some sort of nutritional expert? No.

Am I guaranteeing I know more than your trainer or doctor? No.

But do I listen to my clients? YES.

Do I create programs around their likes/needs? YES.

Do I recommend strategies like keto, fasting or other trends occasionally? YES.

Do I help you lose weight without deprivation? YES.

My goal for every client is to lose weight and get healthier with the path of least resistance.

The more you change from your current routine, the quicker you are guaranteed to fall off track and go back to your old ways.

Instead my goal for you is to slowly implement new healthy habits on a consistent monthly basis as we work towards creating the healthiest way of life for you.

No drastic diets, no extreme workouts, no long and tedious cardio regimens…

Just consistent effort and continuous accountability!

That is a secret to long-term success and happiness…

If that doesn’t sound right to you, I’m probably not your guy 

If this sounds AWESOME to you, let’s work together!

Committed to your fitness success,

Derek Kuryliw

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