I signed up for LiveFit about a year and a half ago. I got to a point in my life where I hated looking in the mirror anymore. My clothes didn’t fit and I had no confidence in myself.

At the beginning of January 2018, I made it a goal of mine to change my lifestyle for good. I had spent so many years of my life playing sports but never really taking care of my body.

I never ate the right foods or took the time to learn how to properly fuel my body for results.

1 year before and after pics

I had many fears signing up for bootcamp. I knew I would be sore, I was scared I wouldn’t be able to keep up. I was scared I’d be embarrassed but most of all I was scared that I would fail.

After my first week I committed to myself that I would lose 40 lbs within a year.

As I stayed committed throughout the year, everything got easier. Each exercise I got a little better at, I didn’t dread eating leafy greens, I could drink more water, I wasn’t sick as often. I felt amazing!

At the end of the year I stepped on the scale, I was down just under 50lbs!

I had done more than I thought I could ever do.

I even became a trainer at LiveFit, which is something I never thought I would be good enough to do. With all of the guidance from Derek, Rolo, Ashley, and Micki I was able to overcome that fear.

I enjoy helping all of our clients at bootcamp and being apart of their healthy lifestyle.

My future goals are to compete in a competition. I love searching for challenges that are going to take me to the next level.

If I could give any advice to someone new it would be to trust the process.

Results don’t happen over night but when you’re consistent, committed and focused the results will sneak up on you!

Thank you to everyone at LiveFit, not only the trainers but my fellow boot campers. You all have helped me achieve my goals!