I read something amazing yesterday that I immediately wanted to share with you, but I hate sending you multiple emails each day so it took everything in my power to have patience to wait until this morning!

“When it feels easy is when you need to go hard”.

==> What he meant was, when you feel like you are getting comfortable is the moment you double down on what’s working! 

==> It’s when you run up the scoreboard.

==> It’s when you lap the person in last.

==> It’s when you put so much distance between you and the field that you are competing against your own times.

This is what Michael Jordan did, this is what Tom Brady does and no matter how you feel about each of them, they are winners.

So if working out and eating healthier is hard for you right now, keep pushing because your time will come.

But if you are starting to find your groove, starting to get more active, finding it easier to show up to your workouts and easier to say NO to temptations…

…well then it’s time to double down and go all in!

Just like I mentioned in my email yesterday about motivation, these moments only come every now and then so you need to capitalize on them when they do.

We all go through ebbs and flows throughout the year and season to season, especially New Years and summer vacation.

If you’re struggling to find that momentum, reply back and let me know what you’re struggling with so we can work through this together to establish a gameplan for success.

Often times we cannot avoid the lows, they happen cyclically.

But when we have the highs and momentum starts to progress, push that accelerator down to the floor and take advantage of it!

Committed to your fitness success,