This KILLS me everytime I see this happen…

Simon Sinek just released a new book called “The Infinite Game.” It’s primarily about business, but so many of the same principles and philosophies apply to YOUR FITNESS.

The basic idea is that every short term action you take effects your long term game. So when you take shortcuts for instant gratification, you’re actually inhibiting your possibilities for success in the future.

So every time you crash diet, overdo cardio and take drastic measures to lose weight you are actually creating MORE HEALTH PROBLEMS!

The comparison in the book is when major profitable companies have massive employee layoffs to hit target numbers they actually create a volatile company and an unmotivated work environment.

That’s the SAME THING you are doing to your body and your metabolism when you make “layoffs” by massively cutting calories, cut carbs too low or do way too much cardio.

The result is your hormones become volatile and your metabolism becomes an unmotivated work environment.

Think about that and start making life long decisions with your health so that your body rewards you, by you rewarding it!

Committed to your fitness success,

Derek Kuryliw, your fitness Yoda 🙂