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ReBuilt Meals Experience

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ReBuilt Meals Experience

How did you do with your meal prep this week?

Did you start off with the right intentions Monday and slowly drift off track as your refrigerator got picked through and you got bored with the meals you cooked?

It happens to the best of us, and Shelly and I have caught ourselves sliding down that path in the past. It takes a constant focus and attention on your goals.

But it also takes ENJOYING what you are eating!!

Otherwise you end up throwing away so much money on wasted food, then your body shows it after a few weeks of this repeated behavior. And this starts the yo yo effort and results over and over again which leads to MORE FRUSTRATION!

For the past 3 weeks, our meal prep has taken less than 3 minutes thanks to ReBuilt Meals.

Before giving any company our endorsement or seal of approval, I must believe in the product AND the people behind the product.

ReBuilt Meals has definitely lived up to my expectations and more.

Here’s a video of our “unboxing” or walk through our first week of ReBuilt Meals covering the delivery, packaging, food options, how to make substitutions and a kick ass freebie food item each week!

Save 30% off your first order
PROMO CODE: getrebuilt

If you have any questions about the ordering process give ReBuilt a call at (813)775-7104 or email at If you have not ordered yet remember to use code “getrebuilt” for 30% off!

If you want to get your meals delivered to LiveFit for free and save yourself the $15 delivery fee, select home delivery and in the notes section tell them you want your meals delivered to LiveFit.

When you receive your confirmation call after your order, they’ll refund the $15 and note your account so you’ll have free delivery every week.

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