Yesterday I wrote to you about the problem with most diets is that you end up under eating, slowing your metabolism down and then when you eat a ‘non-diet’ type food with a slow metabolism YOU GAIN WEIGHT, not lose it!

Then you get discouraged because the “diet didn’t work” and go back to your old way of eating again.

The problem is that your body got used to eating those bad foods before, so even though you were gaining weight before you started dieting, it was at a slower pace.

Well when you slow down your metabolism and then go back to your old ways of eating, your body gains SO MUCH WEIGHT and soooooooooo fast!

It’s like throwing more wood on a dead fire….
(^that’s called a pile of wood^)

Well that’s what’s happening inside your belly. You’re building a pile of wood (food) with no fire.

To make matters worse you probably destroyed your intestinal gut health during your diet which is now leading to more belly bloating and digestive discomfort after meals that you always used to eat with no problems.

There is a better way to do this that is much less frustrating.

I outline the concept on this new video and podcast so you can truly understand why your diet is FAILING YOU, instead of thinking that YOU are failing at your diet.

Cure for a SLUGGISH Metabolism | New Video

Cure for a SLUGGISH Metabolism | New Podcast

When we kick off the 2020 Fitness Project transformation challenge on October 7th, you’ll have a meal plan that you will custom tailor to your likes, needs and favorite foods.

You’ll also learn what foods work best for your body at what time. Most importantly though you’ll learn how to fuel your body instead of starve your body into weight loss.

Watch the video or listen to the podcast, then afterwards make sure you pre-register for the 2020 Fitness Project using the link in the P.S. below 🙂

Committed to your fitness success,