Private Coaching Group

12 Week LiveFit Legion Transformation Group

Work directly with Derek and Michelle over the next 3 months, hip-to-hip, guiding you every step of the way to making a head turning transformation along lifelong knowledge you’ll use for a lifetime of better health, confidence & happiness!

The program will be divided into 3 phases to ensure that you have the most dramatic transformation in 12 weeks possible.

You’ll be following the exact plans and strategies that over 30+ of our first time bikini competitors have followed to get into the best shape of their lives!

What’s included & what to expect…

Initial Macro Mastermind Workshop-

  • Choose from available dates and kick off your knowledge and program outline in the private conference room @ Oasis Coffee Spot
  • Upcoming orientation dates Sat 1/18, Thurs 1/23, Sat 1/25
  • Learn everything you need to know about tracking macros, weighing and measuring your food
  • Private workshop/orientation only for selected clients

Customized Macros w/ Updates-

  • Get your customized macro goals along with guidelines for cheat meals, carb rotation and advanced fat burning strategies
  • Updated macros after each progress measurements

9 Point Body Fat Test & Progress Pics

  • The most in depth body fat caliper pinch protocol to identify stubborn areas that need to be targeted most
  • Progress pictures to help gauge which areas are responding best or need more focus
  • All workout and meal plan tweaks based on these pics & #’s
  • Scheduled on weeks #1, 4, 8 and 12

Monday and Friday Voxer Check-Ins-

  • At least twice weekly you’ll hear directly from Derek and Michelle, in our own voices, checking in directly with YOU to keep you on track and accountable
  • This is the same ‘walkie talkie’ app the LiveFit trainers use to communicate daily about workouts, modifications, etc

Access Daily to Derek & Michelle w/ Voxer-

  • Have a question about an upcoming meal? We’ll send you a prompt reply of what to choose/eat
  • Can’t make a workout or have an injury or sore muscle? We’ll send you the exact at-home workout, modification or stretch to help keep you progressing towards your 12 week goal
  • As long as you aren’t blowing up our personal phones 50x’s a day, you’ll have near immediate access to all your questions/needs

Weekly Zoom Meeting-

  • Each week we’ll dig a little deeper on an advanced strategy to accelerate your results and Q&A for all clients to collaborate on what’s working, what’s not, what to plan for the upcoming week and everything you need to be successful
  • A new topic each week based on your feedback (10-15 minutes) and open Q&A with the group to establish a true “MASTERMIND” of info
  • These meetings will be live on the Zoom app, which is free in the Apple or Android marketplace
  • Meetings will be recorded and posted on a private page to watch anytime for a refresher

Personalized Morning Metabolizers-

  • Your custom plan will be designed to get your metabolism roaring from the minute you wake up each day to help burn as much stubborn fat and stored carbs as possible
  • Each workout is 5-10 minutes with little or no equipment, so there’s no excuses of not getting it done. Extraordinary results require extra ordinary effort, this is just 1 of many tactics that will take your results to the next level

Cardio & Stubborn Body Part Attack Plan-

  • Each person’s stubborn areas are different and so is the rate at which your body burns off these areas. So to combat this and help sculpt a beautiful “after” picture we will dedicate effort towards blasting these areas consistently each day
  • Cardiovascular training is always essential to help burn the ‘jiggly’ areas you hate seeing in the mirror, but this cardio will be different, challenging and more engaging than normal BORING cardio on a treadmill or elliptical

Transformation Notebook-

  • Each client will recieve a notebook at the initial orientation with worksheets to track your entire 12 week journey
  • From recipes to workouts to macros to measurements, all your data will be stored in one easy to access binder
  • This will not only help keep you on track for 12 weeks, but will be your personal transformation guide to refer back to for years to come anytime you want to step it up for summer, weddings, vacations or any other goal you want to look your best

Professional Photo Shoot-

  • At the end of 12 weeks you’ll have be able to document your best physique ever with pictures so that in 20 years you’re not that person who says “I used to look like you” with no evidence to prove it!
  • We’ll have dates for you to choose from depending if you want your photos taken at LiveFit, the beach or a park so your transformation pics reflect your style and personality


If chosen for this program there is a tuition that breaks down between $20-50 weekly depending on the length of program you choose. Obviously the longer with work with you, the more familiar we are with your needs, motivation style and accountability demands!

Option #1 – $50 weekly enrollment

Option #2 – $199 for 4 week program

Option #3 – $349 for 8 week program

Option #4 – $499 for 12 week program

Option #5 – $999 for 52 week program (over 60% savings – $19/wk)

What’s the next step?

To be considered for this private coaching group, please complete the application below so that we can better understand your goals, your struggles, your stubborn body parts and your commitment level.