Michelane Johnson

Michelane Johnson

Michelane Johnson

Where are you from

I was born and raised on the coast of Maine. I lived there till I graduated High school.  I moved to New Hampshire for College about 2 years where I could not decide what to do with the “rest of my life” SO I then moved to Florida. I have been here since 1998.

Fist lifting or athletic experience

My first athletic experience was with sports.  I LOVE sports and being active. I love dancing.  I grew up playing outside running around like any other kid.  I grew up skiing and snowboarding, water skiing, mountain biking. I played on basketball, softball, soccer teams all through my youth. In High school I fell in love with soccer. I played varsity from day one is high school. I was offered a few scholarships from a few colleges.  I love working out, pushing your body. I love everything that fitness can bring to your life.  I love reading and sponging from what ever source I can to learn about fitness.

Something Unique about you or life experience

I have had a great life, all my experiences have been unique and exciting.  I was lucky enough to grow up in Maine.  Where I had my own boat and lobstered.  I was able to lobster as a part time job thorough school.    I have a huge fun family that I would not trade for the world.  We would all , and I mean all 20 of us go on vacation from Maine to Florida every year.  We like to have fun! I am married to my husband for 16 years and proud mom of two teenage boys and a little girl. They keep my daily life very exciting.. never knowing what they will bring next.

Biggest lifting accomplishment

I do not really have a “lifting accomplishment” But one of my proudest moments was when I placed 4th place in the Mud endeavor a couple of years ago.  I had worked out like crazy on my own, pushed myself to be the best I could possibly be and it paid off!!! Also training for the Gasparilla 15k was a huge moment as well.  It killed me to finish that, store knees and all that comes along with the long distance running.

Favorite Client success story

My favorite client success story would be myself.  I have gained and lost weight through out my life.  It is hard and I know to give myself a few rules and to exercise.  I know the key to my happiness is to take care of myself so I can take care of others.  Like my family . I adore my kids. I want them to look at me and be inspired to be healthy and happy.  Not only physically but mentally. I have pushed myself physically and mentally to get where I want to be.

My favorite type of Client to work with

I believe my favorite client to work with will be the one that is willing to commit to the process.  To trust in it. To want a better and healthier life style and reap the benefits along the way of looking good! I want to work with clients that will trust me. I want to work with clients that will not give up, and want the best for themselves for the right reasons, because they love their body!

Favorite Quote

“Be strong you never know who you are inspiring”



 Michelane Johnson